Wrapping Paper For Bikes (How to wrap a bicycle for birthday)

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Best way to gift wrap a bike

So, here’s the thing. I know you’re on the hunt for the perfect roll of bicycle wrapping paper. Gift wrap that will transform that birthday or Christmas gift into a work of art, totally disguising the amazing machine that you’ve hidden away inside, just waiting for the lucky boy or girl to tear open the paper and discover.

The trouble is that (1) wrapping a bike takes a lot of gift wrap (like, an awful lot) (2) it is one of the most frustrating jobs imaginable and you will end up covered in bike oil, and (3) even fully wrapped up, it will still look exactly like a bike…

I’ve included a video below which shows how difficult and time-consuming it is to wrap a bike (even in the speeded-up video). If you still want to go down this route, I’ve also put links below to some great bike gift wrap (and a fantastic gift bow).

But, to be honest, there are some much better alternatives that are easier, cheaper, and less likely to have you using words that your mom would be very, very disappointed in you for.

Shall we take a look?

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Bike wrapping ideas

I’ve done some research to find the best gift-wrapping ideas for bikes. We’ll start off with traditional gift wrap and then look at a couple of ideas which are, to my mind, much more practical.

Bicycle Pattern Premium Gift Wrap

This might be the perfect gift wrap for you.

Made from heavyweight paper this features a vibrant and eye-catching bicycle design. They can see it’s a big gift… they can see bikes on the gift wrap… is this their lucky day… will they be getting the number one dream on their birthday or Christmas list….?!

They’ll just have to wait and see.

p.s. don’t forget to team the gift wrap up with a special finishing touch. Big bows for bikes are the perfect item to give a little extra wow factor to a gift. I’ve found this giant-sized bow which would look great. It comes in a range of colors and with various fixing options.

Bicycle wrapping bags

I think these gift wrap bags are excellent value for money. Perfect for a wide range of bike sizes from kids bicycles all the way up to adult 27” bikes.

And they’re so easy to fit! Just take them out of the packet, unfold them, and… pop them over the bike. Close up the open end, maybe pop a giant bow on the side, and you’re good to go.

A large bag like this also helps disguise the shape of the bike. Your lucky gift recipient knows they’re getting a big gift but it’s impossible for them to work it out from the shape.

The hard bit for you? Well, that’s working out whether Pink Daisies, Red Polka Dots, or Blue Stripes would complement your gift best. I shall leave that up to your best judgment.

Bicycle covers for outdoor

I’m a big fan of gift wrap options that are reusable.

Now bear with me because I’m not talking about carefully unwrapping gifts, gently peeling off the scotch tape, folding the wrapping paper up, and saving it for the next gifting opportunity. What I mean is that gift wrap that can be used for something else is fantastic.

One of my favorite methods for gift-wrapping a bike is to use a waterproof storage cover like this one from Puroma. Great value, this cover um, covers (and beautifully disguises) the bike making it perfect for that special gift-giving moment. After that moment the Puroma cover can be used to protect the bike from wind, rain, and prying eyes.

Don’t try this at home!

If you’d like to see just how tricky it is to gift wrap a bike, then check out this video. So much gift wrap and scotch tape!

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How to wrap a bike for birthday

Thanks for joining me today. I hope this list has given you a few ideas of the best way to gift wrap a bike. Traditional gift wrap is certainly do-able, but there are many ways that are simpler and cheaper. In my opinion, they also give much better results, disguising the bike, and making it easy to wrap and unwrap.

Pick the option that you prefer from the list above. Hit ‘Buy Now’ and wrap that bike in style!

Happy wrapping!

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