What Size Weights For Peloton (Here’s The Answer)

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It can be so confusing trying to work out what the best hand weights are for your Peloton, can’t it?

Search online for the definitive answer and, for every 100 people, you’ll get 100 different definitive answers. At least.

The thing is that all those answers are correct…but they’re only correct for the person who’s giving them. So, they’re unlikely to be the right answer for you.

Well, I’ve got a different answer for you. First up, I’ve got a useful rule-of-thumb that gives you a guide as to the range of weights that are right for you today. Then I’ve got a much more flexible solution to this that won’t involve you deciding right now what weight to go with. Instead, it will give you the option to choose what feels right for each workout. It also enables you to increase the weight as you get fitter and stronger on your Peloton journey.

Let’s take a look.

Forget the branded Peloton weights. Choose a set of hand weights that gives you the option to choose your level every time you work out. The best exercise bike weights set is made by AmazonBasics and the 20-pound set of 6 weights is the one to buy. Perfect for resistance training and with a neoprene coating for a secure grip.

Do Peloton classes use weights?

Short answer – Yes! They’re an integral part of the class and with good reason too.

The aim of a Peloton class is to give you a full-body workout. Pedaling (whilst sitting or standing) works the muscles throughout your lower body. Legs, butt, and core are the main target areas.

But, if they were the only components in the workout, you’d end up looking like T-Rex. Legs to die for – making all the other dinosaurs jealous – but puny looking arms.

That’s why your Peloton bike comes with a special rack behind the saddle for a pair of dumbbells and your arms, shoulders, and chest are all included in the exercise program.

How heavy are the Peloton weights?

Peloton sells its branded hand weights in three different sizes – 1, 2, or 3 pounds.

A ‘set’ of weights comprises 2 dumbbells (1 for each hand) in your choice of one only of those sizes. They retail for around 25 bucks and you can’t buy them as a set of all three weights.

But how do you choose which weight to go with? Or, is there a better alternative to the Peloton weights?

What weights to use with Peloton?

It’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? Trouble is, there’s no million-dollar answer that’s right for everyone.

And, even if there was, you’d still need different weights:

For days when you’re feeling a little weak and lethargic
For when you start getting fitter and stronger
For other family members to use (who might be stronger or weaker)
For classes that are more or less intensive
And the list goes on…

Peloton classes incorporate arm exercises that are designed to work with lower weights as you’re likely to be doing a fairly high number of reps with them. Sure you can probably do one rep with a 40-pound dumbbell, but try doing that a couple of hundred times and you might feel like your arm is about to drop off.

A useful rule-of-thumb is that you should pick weights that don’t fatigue your arms after doing 50 arm curls. If you’ve never used hand weights before then start with 2-lb weights and adjust upwards from there if you find these too easy for the workouts.

Trouble is, that approach doesn’t really work with the branded weights from Peloton. Where you’d end up spending a fortune on buying a pair of handweights in each weight.

But, what if there was a much better alternative that did allow you to adjust the weight according to your needs?

My recommended weights for Peloton

AmazonBasics Neoprene Hand Weights

This is a full set of handweights from AmazonBasics.

It features 3 pairs of dumbbells in sizes 2, 3, and 5 lbs (total combined weight of 20 lbs) and comes with a handy storage rack for keeping them tidy.

They’re neoprene-coated so good for indoor or outdoor use, plus they’re easy to grip even when your hands are sweaty. You’ll notice that the ends are a hexagon shape. That’s not just to make them look good (although they do!) but it’s also to stop them rolling away when you put them down. Peloton workouts are hard enough without having to chase your kit across the floor.

If you need to add to your set, you can also buy a separate set of 10 lb weights – check out the details on the Amazon page below.

The real beauty of this set is that it means you don’t have to make an advance decision as to what the correct weight of dumbbell is for all your future Peloton classes.

Buy this one set of multiple sizes and you’ll have some wiggle room. Not feeling it today? Choose a lighter weight. Feeling on fire today? Go with a heavier weight. Giving your Significant Other a shot on your Peloton? They can choose the weights that are right for them.

This weights set from Amazon is a great replacement for the Peloton branded dumbbells and will take you the full course of your road to fitness.


It’s important to keep your workouts flexible because every day you’ll feel different. Stronger some days, a little more laidback (and, dare I say, lacking in motivation?) on others. On your Peloton journey, you’re going to get stronger and so much fitter, and that means your tools need to have the flexibility to stick with you on that journey.

For that reason, I believe that a set of handweights that has a variety of weights is much better for your resistance training.

Whatever route you go down I wish you the best of luck on your fitness path.

Work hard. Stay strong.