What Size Inner Tube For Brompton? (Easy Answer)

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Here’s the simple answer:

Pick an inner tube that says it is suitable for 37-349 tyres. This is the sizing according to the ISO system and means that the tube will be perfect for your bike. Want a recommendation? Read on.

This is my recommended inner tube for your Brompton

Schwable AV4 Inner tube

Schwalbe do a superb inner tube that has a Schrader valve.

The Schrader valve is the standard type of valve that you also see on most car tyres. The valve has a length of around 40mm / 1.6in which fits perfectly on your Brompton wheels.

The tube weighs-in at only 85g or about 3 ounces in old money, so won’t slow you down as you cruise to the office.

Do you also need a tire for your Brompton?

Schwalbe Marathon Wired Tyre with Greenguard Reflex (35-349)

Use your Brompton regularly and you’ll probably find that, once the tube has popped, there’s likely to also be a fair bit of wear to the tyre as well.

In that case, it’s a good time to invest in a replacement. Kill two birds with one stone and fit the new tube and tyre in one go.

I’ve always liked Schwalbe tyres and this one is the perfect outfit for your Brompton wheels. Take a close-up look at the photos of the tyre tread pattern and you’ll see it has an open diamond-shaped design plus a pattern of cross-hatching along each side. There’s also a rubber strip that runs all the way round the centre of the tyre tread.

What does all that mean? Well, it’s an ideal combination for your Brompton as the tyres will work great on every kind of surface that your standard urban commute can throw at it. The solid rubber strip gives a smooth (and vibration-free) to roll along on when you’re on good condition roads or pavements. The tread pattern around each edge means that you will have good grip round corners and on loose surfaces like gravel or stones.

How to change an inner tube

First things, first. Get a bit of simple kit and a little knowledge before you take your Brompton out.

You will need:

  1. 1 or 2 spare tubes (I generally take two with me)
  2. A small puncture repair kit
  3. Tire levers (although you can also use spoon handles or similar)
  4. Bike tyre pump

The task of swapping a tyre and inner tube should then take approximately 45mins to carry out. The process has five steps:

  • Take off the wheel and remove the tyre
  • Deflate and take off the tube
  • Determine the reason why you get the puncture (to make sure thorn, nail, or whatever isn’t still there)
  • Fit your new inner tube and tyre
  • Put the wheel back onto the bike forks

Have a look at this video to see how it’s done:

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