What Size Inner Tube For 26 x 1.95? (And My Recommended Tube)

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The simple answer is that you need to:

Pick an inner tube that says it is 26 x Width Range*

*this ‘Width Range’ should include 1.95, for example, an inner tube that says it is “26 x 1.75-2.25”, would be the ideal tube for your bicycle wheel.

Would you like a recommendation for the perfect inner tube for your 26 x 1.95 wheels? Read on!

My recommended 26×1.95” inner tube

Sunlite produce an excellent quality inner tube that is ideal for your bike.

There are plenty of different sizes available for this tube, so make sure you pick the one that says it is:

“26 x 1.95 – 2.125″ / 32mm Valve”

This Sunlite tube has a standard Schrader valve, which is the type of valve you normally see on car tires. That means it will work with the majority of bike pumps, including mini bike pumps.

Do you need a tire to go with your inner tube? Read on for a fantastic tire that I recommend.

Recommended 26×1.95 Bike Tire

When you’re replacing your inner tube it’s a good idea to have a check of your bike tire as well to make sure it’s still in good condition.

Have a close look round the tread area and the sidewall. Look for worn areas of rubber on the tread, cracking (especially on the sidewall), thorns, nails, and broken glass embedded into the tire.

If you find damage to the tire, then it’s probably time to get a replacement. It’s highly frustrating to go to the trouble of replacing a tube…only to find that it punctures because your tire is too damaged to protect it.

When you’re picking a new bike tire make sure you choose one that states that it is “26 x 1.95”. Simple!

You’ll find a LOT of bike tires that ‘kinda look similar’ but, in practice, will likely not be the correct size for your bike. Best bet is to get a tire that has the exact reference number as on your existing tires (i.e. 26×1.95). Tire size differences can lead to problems down the road (literally).

Finnci are a long-standing bike manufacturer and offer a wide selection of tires. This one shown here is my recommended 26×1.95 bike tire. It’s a great example and perfect for your bike.

Make sure you select the 26” x 1.95” option on the Amazon page.

The tire gets great feedback from buyers, with reviews talking about good quality, puncture resistance, and great value. And it’s not hard to see why. Take a look at the pictures and you’ll see a tread pattern which has a pattern of shallow knobbles. These are designed to give smooth travel on paved surfaces and good grip on light dirt or gravel paths. It’s a great tire for beach cruiser bikes and hybrids.

How to change a bike tube

Changing an inner tube is a simple (though slightly fiddly) process. It’s made a lot easier though by arming yourself with the right kit, and a little know-how, before you tackle the job.

Every time you go out for a bike ride, I’d recommend you take the following:

A couple of spare inner tubes
Small tire repair pack
Plastic bike tire levers
Bike pump or CO2 tire inflator

There are 5 steps to replacing a tube and the process should be done in around 30 to 45 minutes.

The steps are:

Remove wheel
Take off existing tube
Determine cause of puncture (e.g. broken glass embedded)
Replace the tube
Re-attach the wheel

For a visual walk-through of the process, take a look at this YouTube.