Showers Pass launch new EV company, Vvolt

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A short while ago, the team at Showers Pass sent me a little teaser to say that they might have a few new products to show me in the coming weeks. I thought they were talking about some new cycling socks and, frankly, I was pretty excited. I like new socks. Especially Showers Pass ones.

Turns out that they weren’t talking about new socks.

What they were actually talking about was a whole new company that they’ve been working on for the last couple years. A company that is dedicated to e-Mobility and electric vehicles. A company called Vvolt.

Vvolt has today launched their debut range of four low-maintenance ebikes: the Alpha, Alpha S, Proxima and Sirius.

At first glance, the bikes look sleek with a particularly pleasing slope on the top tube of the Alpha, Proxima and Sirius (with the Alpha S having a low-step frame design). The battery on each is neatly tucked inside the frame and there’s either a hub or mid-drive motor, depending on the model.

Look a little closer and you’ll see another feature that is worth highlighting: the carbon belt drive. No more oily chains or clanking derailleurs. These are bikes that are designed to be ridden for hundreds of miles with minimal maintenance.

You can take a closer look at the new range of Vvolt bikes at Pre-orders are being taken now and Vvolt are expecting to begin shipping bikes from August 15th.

Vvolt Alpha:

Vvolt Alpha S:

Vvolt Proxima:

Vvolt Sirius: