Today’s Hottest Deals: Rad Power Bikes, Backcountry and Chrome Industries

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Yeah, I get it. It’s cold out there. And it’s wet. And, yeah, it’s probably even snowy or icy too. The thing is though, longer days are just around the corner. The sun WILL come back (I promise) and the rain will dry up (a little anyways). And, because all that’s going to happen, you need to be ready. You need to be ready to hit the trails on a new bike, you need to be kitted out in some of the finest office-friendly bike commuter clothes. And you need all of that at a price that isn’t going to break your credit card. So, check out the deals below from Rad Power bikes, Backcountry and Chrome Industries and, like a good cub scout, Be Prepared!

These are Today’s Hottest Deals.

Rad Power Bikes – free accessory with every bike purchase

I’ve been testing out Rad’s RadMission 1 recently and it’s proving to be an addictive ride. So much so that all my other non-electric bikes are gathering an increasingly thick layer of dust sitting in the garage.

One of the really exciting things about the Rad range is the comprehensive suite of accessories that are available to buy as add-ons to their bikes. It’s not that you have to buy any of them at all – the RadMission for example comes with everything you need to hit the roads straight away. But the thing is that these accessories are just so good that you’ll want to grab one or two (or maybe more) to pimp up your ride. That’s made even easier right now because Rad are offering a free accessory with every bike purchase – use coupon code YAYFREE and offer valid until 1/31.

Need some inspiration? Some of my favorite accessories include:

Front-mounted basket – free with bike purchase (use code YAYFREE)
Rearview mirror – free with bike purchase (use code YAYFREE)
Full front and rear fenders – free with bike purchase (use code YAYFREE)

Backcountry – New Customer Offer – Take 15% Off Your First Order

It really doesn’t matter if you’re looking for road bike spandex, MTB baggies, or a fresh new pair of merino cycling socks, what matters is that Backcountry have it all available for you. Heck they even have you covered for plenty of other sports too, from snowboarding to flyfishing, and with a full suite of top brands.

Everyone’s guaranteed a great deal at Backcountry and new customers get a whopping 15% off their first order (see the full Backcountry line up here). A few standout items that are worthy of your consideration include:

POCTectal Race Spin Helmet – 15% off while stocks last
PEARL iZUMiPro Bib Short – 15% off while stocks last
ShimanoRX8 Mountain Bike Shoe – 15% off while stocks last

Chrome Industries – 25% off selected gear; whilst stocks last

Outfit selection for urban bike commuting is a tricky business. On the one hand, you need to be comfortable on the bike. You need to have freedom of movement in your shoulders, elbows, hips and knees for the actual mechanics of cycling. And, whilst a full spandex outfit of bibs ‘n’ jersey might be de rigueur for the weekend cycling club outings, it’s likely to get you sneered at when you pull up to the lights next to a pack of hip ‘n’ trendy bike couriers. Similarly, that brightly-colored spandex is never going to go down well as you strut around the office through the workday.

Thankfully, the answer to this apparel dilemma is provided by Chrome Industries with its range of stylish bike wear that is hip enough to gather admiring and covetous looks from the bike couriers, built from the ground up to allow you to move, and thoroughly office-friendly.

Not only that, but right now Chrome are offering 25% off a selection of their best-loved pieces.

If I had to pick a few favorites from their range, then I’d have to go with a combo of Storm Salute Commute jacket, New York Short Sleeve Hub tee, and Urban Ex Rolltop backpack. But, really, with 25% off I might not stop at those.

Storm Salute Commute jacket – 25% off
New York Short Sleeve Hub tee – 25% off
Urban Ex Rolltop backpack – 25% off


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