Tifosi Sizzle Sunglasses: Pedal To The Party

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Looking for a pair of cycling sunglasses that can take you from days in the saddle to partying in the evening? Tifosi’s Sizzle range might be the answer. And, with prices this low, it would be rude not to upgrade your eyewear with at least one or two pairs of these great value bike glasses.

In the world of cycling, one of the ultimate dreams is the concept of the ‘Quiver Killer’.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s the idea that there’s one bike out there…somewhere…that can do everything.

Roads, gravel, trails, and on and on.

Does a quiver-killing bike exist? Who knows.

But, what I’ve quickly come to a conclusion about in the last month is that there might just be a quiver-killing pair of cycling sunglasses.

You see, the issue has always been that cycling glasses don’t look so hot at the bar or around the post-ride BBQ.

At the same time, pure lifestyle sunglasses look a little weird and out of place when you’re on the bike.

That’s why I’m so excited about the new Sizzle range of sunglasses from Tifosi – crossover styling that marries a shield lens with a casual lifestyle frame.

Details count with sunglasses. Let’s take a look at them now.


The Sizzle sunglasses are part of Tifosi’s popular Swank collection and there are obvious DNA matches between the two. Sizing and overall frame shape are similar, whilst the Sizzle’s arms are a little straighter and more in keeping with sport frames.

The base curve (the degree to which glasses wrap around your face) is a slightly higher on the Sizzle, also in line with a sport design, and this gives just the right shape for cycling giving all-around eye coverage and protection.

Of course, the big difference between Sizzle and pure lifestyle shades is the shield lens.

I’m a big fan of this. It feels subtle enough that the sunglasses look great for partying, whilst also looking on the nose (apologies…) when you’re on the bike.

Sizzle are available in four different colorways:

  • Satin Vapor frame with Smoke Red lens
  • Blackout frame with Smoke lens
  • Teal Dune frame with Gold Mirror lens
  • Frost Blue frame with Smoke Yellow lens

I’ve been testing out the Satin Vapor frame and Frost Blue frame.

These are comfortable to wear for long hours in the saddle – made from TR-90 these are strong and yet light (they only weigh 25g / 0.9 oz, so have a ‘barely there’ feel to them).

The hydrophilic rubber nose pads ensure that the sunglasses don’t slip down your nose when things get sweaty (either when cycling or partying).

Add in the polycarbonate lenses which are shatterproof, scratch-resistant and have fantastic clarity in a range of light conditions, and the Sizzle are a great package.

For such a great package, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Sizzle might also be packing a high retail price. Like all the sunglasses in the Tifosi range though, the Sizzle are…I’m supposed to say ‘competitively priced’ here…but actually they blow the competition right out of the water at only $34.95.

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Sunglasses that look great for pedaling your bike hard, and also partying hard, have previously been somewhat thin on the ground.

The new Tifosi Sizzle range, with their wraparound shield lens in a lifestyle frame, might well have just hit the nail on the head for a quiver-killing pair of cycling sunglasses.

With a range of fantastic frame and lens color options, there’s sure to be a pair that’s perfect for your long summer days of biking and BBQing.

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