Throw Pillows With Bicycles (Cushions With Bikes On Them)

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What to buy a cycling enthusiast

Finding just the right item of home décor can be a tricky business, can’t it? Whether you’re buying for your own home, or you’re buying as a gift, then you have to make sure that you get the perfect item.

Quick Answer: “Takin’ Life Easy” with 18”x18” cushion inner

And what is the perfect accessory? Well, let’s turn to one of the great artists of the 19th Century for the answer. William Morris was a home decor expert who, had he been around today, would probably have given Martha Stewart a run for her money. One of his most famous quotes is:

If you want a golden rule that will fit everybody, this is it:

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

Which seems like a pretty good place to start your search, doesn’t it?

Cushions are incredibly useful items of home furnishing, so they tick one of Will’s boxes. Cushions with bikes on them? Well, there’s an object of beauty that definitely ticks the second box for a cycling enthusiast.

I’ve done some research and come up with a list of fantastic cushions that have bikes on them. Pick the perfect ones for you (or the lucky cyclist you’re buying for) to give that perfect two-wheeled theme to a beautiful room.

Let’s dive into the softest pile of cushions and take a look.

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Bicycle themed home décor

Okay, I’ve got an awesome list of cushions with bikes on them to go through, so let’s jump right in.

We’ll start with a fantastic design featuring Tyrannosaurus Rex on a road bike.

Why? Well, I love the artwork and it’s got my brain in overdrive working out whether T-Rex could actually ride a bike and whether that large tail would be a help or a hindrance….hmm…

Either way, it’s a great looking cushion that would suit any cyclist’s home. Size is approximately 18”x18”.

Note that this is just available as the cushion cover, so make sure you pick up an 18”x18” inner to pop inside. This cover is machine washable, with a hidden zipper for the inner pocket, and has the T-Rex print on both sides.

As I write this article I’m getting a daily countdown of the number of days till Christmas from my daughter. It’s currently January…

Anyhoo… it seems to be a good time for this great cushion from Ambesonne. Featuring a single-speed low-step cruiser bike, this is unashamedly Christmassy, with the gently falling snowflakes and decorated fir tree in the front basket. You may think this would be perfect to set out on the couch from early December, but in our house, this will be in pride of place on my daughter’s favorite chair 365 days a year.

Pick up an 18”x18” inner to go with this cover. The inner is super-simple to fit with the zipped opening. Plus, the double-sided print fabric is machine-washable and can be used indoors and out.

When I’m out riding my bike, I like to imagine that I’m as suave and dashing as this chap on the penny-farthing with the top hat, tails, and greyhound by my side.

Sadly the reality is more like this.

But it’s an image that I aspire to and so I like to have something around the place to remind me what I’m striving for.

As such this cushion is the perfect home accessory for me. It’s machine washable, has a zipped opening for the inner (which you’ll need to buy here – 18”x18” inner) and has the image I’m shooting for printed on both sides.

This image just makes me giggle every time I see it.

Corgis are an awesome dog (hey, if the UK’s Queen Elizabeth II is a fan, then we all should be) and I love the drawing of this pup perched on top of the bike saddle.

I don’t know whether it’s just been put there for safekeeping by its owner, or whether it actually intends to pedal off by itself. But either way, it’s a cushion design that’s guaranteed to get plenty of laughs.

It’s an 18”x18” linen cover and you’ll need this inner to go with it. It has the cute design printed on one side and is machine washable, with a zipped opening for the cushion inner.

I love old patent drawings and so this retro design for the penny-farthing was always going to be an appealing one for me. Made from linen (with a burlap type texture), this vintage style cushion cover is 18”x18” and you’ll need to team it up with an inner like this.

The design is printed on one side and is hand-washable.

I think this cushion would be perfect for a beach-inspired cyclist’s couch.

Great colors on the chilled-out retro design and important reminder to chill out and go for a bike ride (to the ocean, obviously).

The cover design is printed on one side and is machine washable. It’s 18”x18”, so you’ll need to get a suitable inner to go with it. Very cute, with vibrant colors.

This is a gorgeous twin set of cushion covers featuring cruiser bikes laden with a basket full to bursting of summer flowers.

Team them up with a pair of 18”x18” cushion inners and you’re ready to get cozy on the couch. The designs are printed in vibrant color on the front of the covers and they have a solid natural color on the reverse. These will work great either at opposite ends of a couch or a single cushion on each of a pair of chairs.

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Bicycle themed gifts

Whether or not you’re buying accessories for your home, or as a gift for someone else, finding just the right item can be a challenge.

According to our 19th Century home décor expert, William Morris, you should make sure that everything you have in your home is either useful or beautiful. For extra bonus points, you should shoot for both.

That’s where cushions with bicycles come in, because cushions are incredibly useful and, for a cyclist, they’re a thing of beauty.

I’ve done some research and come up with a list of fantastic cushions that have bikes on them. Pick the perfect ones for you (or the lucky cyclist you’re buying for) to give that perfect two-wheeled theme to a beautiful room.

I hope that my article has given you the answers you need to pick the perfect bicycle cushions for you (or your lucky gift recipient) from this gorgeous mound of throw pillows.

Happy shopping!

This cushion would be just perfect for that ocean-inspired bicyclist’s couch. Vibrant colors on this chilled vintage-style design and a super-important reminder to just chill and get out for a bike ride (to the beach, naturally).

The retro design is printed on the front side only (solid color on the reverse) and is machine washable. Measuring 18”x18”, so you’ll need to get a suitable sized inner cushion filler to go with it. Absolutely cute, with gorgeous colors.

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