This bike delivery co delivers food…nude

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The BicycleVolt Good News Letter

Today is October 17th, 2023, and today I’m easing back on the decaff

Scan the TV news, peruse the newspaper headlines, or scroll through the latest stories on Facebook, and it’s easy to believe that the whole world is going to hell in a handbasket, isn’t it?

Doom and gloom.

Depression and recession.

Of course there’s plenty of good news in the world too. It’s just that these happy stories don’t generate the same ad revenue for the media moguls. So they get bumped in favor of the bad ones.

At BicycleVolt, however, we’re making a stand.

We’re standing up to the evil media moguls and their doom and depression.

With our Good News letter our aim is to showcase all the great stuff that’s happening in our little cycling corner of the world.

Let’s make the world great again. One happy bike news letter at a time.

Have a great day,

Ben, founder of BicycleVolt

This bike delivery co delivers food…nude – ok, ok. I feel like I might have gotten you here under false pretences.

Full disclosure: the delivery folks aren’t nude, but the food they deliver is.

London-based startup, Daun, are taking on the big grocery stores in the UK capital by delivering a wide range of kitchen ingredients, minus the cardboard boxes and plastic packaging that come with most of the foods we buy.

From coffee to cashews, couscous and more, Daun’s delivery team are getting these groceries to their customers by e-cargo bike and in reusable packaging.

See more details here 👇

Using art to slow down traffic and keep bike commuters safe – urban cycling can be hazardous in many towns and cities thanks to thoughtless drivers.

Now, artist Hilaire Smet, is forcing drivers in his hometown of Temse in Belgium to think about the consequences of their actions for cyclists.

This striking work of art is constructed from various old bike parts (including the artist’s dad’s old bike) and is installed at a busy junction where there have previously been a number of accidents involving cars and cyclists.

Whilst, at first glance, the sculpture is funny there’s a deadly serious message behind it that will hopefully help car drivers slow down for cyclists.

Read more here 👉 LINK

(Credit: Kristof Pieters)

Old bicycles given new homes – sometimes it just takes a little twist to join the dots and make a whole world of difference, doesn’t it?

That’s what entrepreneur, Mike Than Tun Win, did when he saw thousands of bikes being left to rot from liquidated bike-sharing programs in Asia.

Whilst others might just have seen the ecological nightmare from so much waste, what Mike saw was an opportunity to change the lives of poor schoolkids.

His organization,, set out to divert these bikes away from landfill, fix them up and transport them to locations where schoolkids had no other option for getting to classes than walking an hour or more each way.

As Mike says, this is helping to turn a 1st world problem into a 3rd world opportunity.

More details here 👉 LessWalk

Age should never be a barrier to cycling – and, finally, a story that’s very close to my heart.

Cycling is a fantastic way of getting around but, I know, there will come a time when I’m no longer able to do it.

When that happens, I know who I’m going to call.

Cycling Without Age are a volunteer group of bike riders who take seniors out for trips on specially designed electric ‘trishaws’.

This non-profit, started in Denmark over 10 years ago, now has 2700 groups worldwide.

I’ve ridden with one of the groups and seen firsthand what a difference it can make to someone’s day to get out into the fresh air and go for a spin.

See the difference it can make here 👇

“Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But ride.”

Eddy Merckx, Belgian pro racer

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