Socks With Bikes On Them (Quick Buying Guide)

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There’s no denying that cyclists are passionate about their hobby. They’ll find a way to turn any conversation around to bikes and cycling, no matter what the topic. “That new Tesla Model Y gets a 300-mile range with a single battery charge, you say? Ah yes, but did you know that cyclists can travel over 100 miles on a single stomach full of healthy fruit and vegetables?”

You’ve been there, you know what it’s like. But now you have to buy the cyclist in your life a gift, so what do you get for them? Well, funnily enough, socks with bikes on them are an excellent choice. Why? Well, sometimes cyclists need a little conversation-starter to swing the topic around to their favorite subject. So, with a quick flick of their pants leg (revealing their beloved new socks) they’ll be away: “Oh, yes, these are my new socks. Yes, actually, I do like biking. Did I tell you about the time when…”

So, I’ve done some research online to find the best pairs of socks available that have bikes on them. I believe I’ve uncovered some fantastic options – shall we take a look?

Socks with bikes on them…or bike socks…?

First up, let’s clarify what we’re talking about, and what we’re not talking about. The socks on this list are primarily designed for leisure or more formal occasions. They’re not specifically socks for cycling. That being said, I’ve also found some great socks that ARE designed for cycling and DO have bikes on them. What could be better?

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Dress socks with bicycles on them

Okay, we’ve got an awesome list of pairs of socks to go through, so let’s dive straight in and take a look.

K. Bell Socks Men’s Classics Novelty Crew Socks

If you’re after that classic pair of socks that’s ideal for dressing up or dressing down, then these crew socks from K. Bell are just right. Featuring brightly colored bikes on a dark background sock, these come in an adult shoe size 6-12. As one reviewer says, these are “desirable enough to steal”. Or gift. The choice is yours.

Good Luck Sock Men’s Green Dog on Bike Crew Socks

Socks with animals riding bikes will feature regularly in our list today, so let’s kick off with a cute design featuring man’s best friend riding a bike.

We’ll gloss over the challenge that this particular pup will have in reaching those pedals, and instead focus on the awesome bold colors, reinforced heel & toe, and low-to-mid-calf length. Fits adult shoe size 7-12.

Luther Pike Seattle Novelty Cycling Design Socks

Comfy socks in a cool style with a vibrant multi-colored bike design. What more could you possibly want? I thought so.

Grab a pair now. Available in adult size 8-13. As an aside, you’ll see if you click on the link that Luther Pike Seattle do a whole range of other novelty sock designs – Chicken & Waffles is my favorite.

Urban Peacock Men’s Novelty Fun Dress Socks

A rarity amongst casual bike socks, this pair actually features a (human) rider on the pedals. Very much focused on those cyclists who like to go fast on the roads on their speedy road bikes. Adult shoe size 8-12.

If you like the socks, but aren’t sure about the rider, then click on the color dropdown and you’ll see Urban Peacock’s second bike design, just below ‘Bicycle Racer’.

Sock It To Me Men’s Sasquatch Crew Socks

I know, I know, you’re thinking “These socks are great, but what I’m really looking for is a pair of socks featuring Bigfoot doing tricks on a bike. If there could also be a few trees sprinkled about on the design, that would be even better”.

Well, because I’m such a nice person, here’s a pair that should fit the bill. Adult shoe size 8-13. Enjoy.

Good Luck Sock Men’s Pandas Riding Bikes Crew Socks

When I get reincarnated I’m going to come back as a panda.

Why? Well, then I can spend all day lounging around, eating, and looking awesome in my black and white fur coat.

Until then the next best option is to wear a fab pair of socks like these featuring pandas riding bikes. Adult shoe size 7-12. Reinforced heel and toe. Awesome.

JYinstyle Women’s Crew Funny Novelty Bike Socks

Attention to detail is essential for any outfit and it’s important to add a touch of ankle magic when you step out onto the streets.

This, in fact, IS how you roll, with this great pair of cycling socks. Bold and bright colors that go with any dress code, and a design that shouts about your favorite hobby.

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What length of socks is the best length?

If you’re interested in finding out what your sock height says about you as a person (and, believe me, it says a lot), then have a quick watch of this video:

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Bicycle print socks

Phew! What a list.

We all know that cyclists are really passionate about their favorite leisure activity and will, at the drop of a bicycle helmet, turn the topic of conversation around to bikes. Sometimes though we need to help them along with a little conversation-starter and that’s where a great pair of socks with bikes on them can be a real benefit.

Grab a pair of these socks and surprise the cyclist in your life with their new most favorite item of clothing. Just don’t be surprised if they wear them every day. Heck, you might need to get them a full 7 pairs.

I hope that this article gives you the answers you need to your sock-buying problem and means that you can pick up the perfect gift without any headaches.

Happy shopping!

Luther Pike Seattle Novelty Cycling Design Socks

These are very comfortable socks featuring a cool style and a bright multi-colored cycling design. What else could you possibly be looking for? Yeah, I thought as much. Pick up a pair of these now. Available in 8-13 adult shoe sizing. Just as a side note, if you click the link you’ll see that LPS do a wide range of other great socks – Chicken & Waffles is on my Wish List.

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