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What to buy a cycling enthusiast

It can be tricky choosing the perfect gift for someone, can’t it? You’ve often got a set budget, so can’t ‘throw money at the problem’. And, unless it’s a close family member or friend, you don’t necessarily know too much about their hobbies and leisure activities. (Actually, come to think about it, there are many of my own nearest and dearest that I don’t really know how they spend their free time.)

So, when you’re buying gifts it’s useful to have a hook. What do I mean by that? Well, if you know that Uncle Tom likes growing organic vegetables, or that your sister Samantha likes to crochet cuddly toy elephants, or that Belinda in Accounts likes to go BASE jumping on the weekend, then you’ve got a hook that makes a useful starting point to choosing a gift.

Now, if you happen to be buying a gift for a cyclist, then you’re in luck. Cyclists (as you probably know) tend to be quite (okay, extremely) passionate about their leisure activity. That’s great because it means that they love to get gifts that are related to bicycling. Also, because they’re so passionate about cycling, it means that they will tend to wear out any existing cycling-themed clothing or gadgets that they have quickly, and so require new things.

Shirts with bikes on them make a perfect gift for cyclists for another reason as well. Cyclists love to talk non-stop about their hobby (you’ve probably noticed). That’s easy for them when they’re on the bike, but it’s harder when they’re off it. So a bike shirt that shows the world how much of an avid cycling fan they are makes for a useful conversation-starter.

I’ve done some research and come up with a list of awesome shirts with bikes on them. Pick one and make the cyclist in your life very happy. Let’s take a look.

Quick Answer: Gorgeous Octopus On A Bike Shirt

Shirts with bikes on or bike shirts?

Firstly, I just want to clarify what it is that we’re talking about and, more specifically what we’re not. All the shirts on this list are primarily for leisure occasions. Yeah, you could wear them for cycling, but they’re not specifically cycling shirts. However, I’ve also found some fantastic shirts that actually ARE designed for riding and DO have bikes on them. What could be better than that?

Men’s jersey with bicycle print

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Women’s jersey with bike print

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T shirt with bicycle print

Okay, I’ve got a great list of bicycle graphic tee shirts to go through, so let’s jump right in.

Cyclists love Mexican food (I know I do). As an activity cycling uses up lots of energy and tires our muscles. How do we recover? By eating large quantities of carbs and protein. What’s a great source of carbs and protein? Burritos. Cyclists love burritos.

Looking for a gift for an older gentleman that cycles? Then this is the perfect shirt for him.

All those young whippersnappers these days think they can take on the old guys, but wisdom and strong wiry legs come with age. This shirt will remind the young ‘uns that the old guys are still the best cyclists.

I think old patent drawings are fascinating to look at.

This one, featuring a bike patent from 1900, has got some great details that a cyclist will love. I’m amazed how little bike design has changed in over a century.

When I’m out on my bike I regularly get beaten by female cyclists. So I’m under no illusions about how fast I am in comparison to ‘girls’.

That being said, plenty of guys seem to be mistaken in thinking that, purely by having a Y chromosome, they’re going to shoot straight past any ladies who are out cycling. This shirt acts as a useful reminder to them. Try and keep up, gents.

I know many cyclists (include myself, obviously) who will go out cycling to work off the beer. And then recover by having a beer (for the fluids and electrolytes of course).

So cycling and beer really go together like hand in cycling glove. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet had an offer of beer in return for biking duties but, by wearing this shirt, I like to continue advertising this service.

Love the vibrant color of this road bike tshirt design.

It comes in 5 different shirt colors and in men’s, women’s, and youth styles.

Life is Good always make fantastic shirts and this is no exception.

Great mountain bike design for ladies and nice branding detail at the hem and neck.

Bob Ross is a legend.

Bob Ross, cycling on a t shirt, accompanied by squirrels? Genius, total genius.

I’ve spent many long hours watching Bob paint amazing scenes on his canvases and I’m a big fan. So, having a conversation-starter T-shirt like this that leads me into discussions about cycling AND art is just perfect.

Sloths are the coolest creatures in the world, aren’t they? Why rush when you can take it slow and see the sights?

If your cyclists spirit animal is this laidback guy, then this will make a great gift for them.

Gorgeous illustration on a great t shirt.

5 different colors (I like it best in the Baby Blue) and men’s, women’s and youth styling.

This is an ideal gift for lovers of octopuses (or is it octopodes?) and bikes. Just not sure how successful pedaling would be with all those legs getting in the way.

This typeface reminds me of another brand, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it is. I’m sure it’ll come back to me.

Anyway, I’m loving this design and can almost taste the feeling of wearing it.

As an outsider looking into cycling it can often look like hard, sweaty and tiring work. Life Behind Bars? Yeah, it sounds like it.

But to the cyclist though, this shirt will raise more than a little snigger. Because cyclists know that, in fact, life behind bars is the best way of spending life. Cruising along the roads, in the fresh air, keeping fit. What could be better.

…and finally, we have a grizzly bear on a bike.

Why? Because grizzlies are awesome, bikes are fantastic, and this tee is the perfect one-of-a-kind cycling gift.

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What to buy a cyclist

Whether you’re looking at what to buy a cyclist for Christmas, a birthday or just a special gift, a shirt with a bike design on it is perfect.

People can be really tricky to buy gifts for, but if you’ve got a ‘hook’ (like cycling) then it can make it so much easier. Even more so with cycling, because (as we know) cyclists are ultra-passionate about their hobby and love to talk about it to anyone, at any time, for a long time. Because even cyclists sometimes need a little conversation-starter, then a shirt with a bike print on it makes a great gift. Buy one of these and the cyclist in your life will love you forever.

I hope that my article has given you the answers you need for your gift-buying problem and will mean you can pick up that perfect gift without any more headaches.

Happy shopping!

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