Secret Santa Gifts For Cyclists (Solved)

It’s that time of year again, isn’t it? Dodging Thelma from Accounts with her mistletoe and that lustful glint in her eye, wrestling with the knotted-up ball of wire that used to be a long string of fairy lights, eating your own body weight in Christmas candy….and the dreaded Office Secret Santa.

I feel your pain. But luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

So, let me guess, you’ve drawn John or Jane’s name from the festive red floppy stocking cap, and you need to buy him or her a gift? You don’t really know John/Jane, but you do know that they like cycling.

Well, you’re in luck because bike riders are easy to buy Secret Santa gifts for!

I’ve done some research into the best gifts you can buy at different price points. These are all things that cyclists love and will find very useful. Shall we take a look?

Alternatives to Secret Santa at work?

Whilst most folk these days have heard of Secret Santa, you may not be aware that there are lots of variations of this fun Yuletide activity. Some, like Secret Santa, get you to give a gift to a certain amount of money that you think a specific recipient will appreciate. Others, such as White Elephant Gift Exchange, are more about giving gag gifts, rather than something that will actually be useful. There are even some games where you don’t know who the recipient of your gift will be.

If you want to go deep on the many, many different variations of Secret Santa throughout the world (and throughout the year), then check out this article on Wikipedia.

What is an Amigo Secreto?

Amigo Secreto is a game played in South America that is similar to Secret Santa. In other parts of the world, such as Spain, it is called Invisible Friend. As with Secret Santa, each person playing draws a name out of the hat and keeps this secret. They then buy a small gift for that person up to a pre-agreed amount of money. On a given date, each person anonymously puts their gift into a joint pile and people will then draw out their gift and try to guess who it’s from. The rules might be slightly different, but each of the gifts below will still work for someone who loves cycling.

Yankee Swap vs White Elephant?

A White Elephant exchange is all about buying a funny gift for someone, while a Yankee Swap is basically the same process of exchanging presents…but with more useful gifts. For both, each person brings along a gift and everyone draws out a number. The first person chooses the first wrapped present, the second person selects the second one, etc. But, this is where it gets interesting. The second person can steal the gift from the first person and so on. Great fun!

Tasteful white elephant gift ideas

Funny gifts are always good for a laugh, however, what I like doing is bringing a nice item (something that people actually want) and wrapping it up to look like something totally useless.
Let me explain…
There are some great parody boxes that you can buy, like this one. Select a useful gift, maybe one of the cycling ideas below, and pop it in the box. When the recipient opens it they will undoubtedly be shocked at the gift you’ve apparently bought them (and give everyone a good giggle). It’s only when they open the box up and see what’s inside that they realize it’s actually a great gift.
It’s easy to re-use, so the gift recipient can play the same prank on someone else next year.

What is a Pollyanna gift?

A Pollyanna gift exchange is very similar to Secret Santa and is a term that is used mainly in the Pennsylvania area. Wrapped gifts to a certain budget limit are brought to the exchange. If you know who you’re buying your gift for, then it makes it much easier to pick something that you know they’ll like. If you don’t, then you would be best choosing something that is generally liked by most people – candy is always a winner!

Gender Neutral Secret Santa gifts

If you’re looking for a non-binary Secret Santa gift for a cyclist, then you’ve come to the right place! Many of the gift suggestions below are perfect for men and women. Have a look through them all and hopefully one will be just right for your gift recipient.

Stocking Stuffers For Bike Riders

Okay, let’s take a look at some of the great Secret Santa gifts for bicyclists.

Secret Santa gift ideas under 5 dollars

Stout Gears Reflective No Tie Shoelaces Lock

These are such a useful invention that I can’t imagine life without them now! I was always a big fan of Velcro fasteners on my shoes as a kid but felt that I had to use ‘proper’ laces as an adult. Sigh…

Luckily No-Tie shoelaces have now been invented like these that look awesome on my sneakers and allow me to take my shoes off without untying those pesky laces.

Science in Sport Pro Water Bottle

ALL cyclists need water bottles with them when they go on bike rides.

However, most of these bottles will be disgusting – moldy, stained, muddy, and covered in uncleanable gunk.

Buy them a brand new, shiny and clean water bottle like this large 27oz bottle and they will be forever grateful.

Secret Santa gift ideas under 10 dollars

Titanker Bike Lock Cable With Mounting Bracket

I have lots of different bike locks that I’ve gathered up over the years. Most of these are hidden away in various dark corners of my garage and I only realize I need them when I’m far from home and stopping for coffee and a slice of cake.

Having a combination bike lock like this one means that (a) I don’t need to remember where I put the key, and (b) I don’t need to remember where I put the bike lock. Why? Well, it comes with a special mounting bracket so that you can store it safely on your bike. Just ready for that coffee ‘n’ cake break.

WOTOW 16 in 1 Multi-Function Bike Repair Tool Kit

I mentioned the WOTOW bike tool at the top of the page. So, what else is there to say about it?

Well, not only does this have lots of tools in the folding bike tool itself, but it also comes with a handy storage pouch and a tire repair kit, including pry bars and patches.

Secret Santa gift ideas under 25 dollars

Co2 Tire Inflator Kit; Fits Presta & Schrader Valves

If you’ve ever had a bike yourself then you’ll know about the arm pain that comes from trying to pump up bike tires with a standard pump. It often felt like it would’ve been easier to blow air from your mouth into the tires, rather than use some of the shoddier pumps. It was quite a revelation for me when I discovered CO2 inflators like these.

Not many people know about them, but they are great. Each cartridge can blow up 1-2 tires in a few seconds and replacement cartridge are cheap to buy online. The kit packs up small and is really light to it’s a very portable gift that will definitely be appreciated.

USB Super Bright Rechargeable Bike Light Set
As a kid, I would go through a huge number of batteries for my bike lights, and even with fresh batteries installed the lights never seemed to give off much illumination.

All that’s changed now with super-bright bike lights like these, which now have USB rechargeable batteries that you just charge up like your phone.

You can never have too many lights when you’re a cyclist and these lights will certainly let other road users know you’re there.

Secret Santa gift ideas under 50 dollars

CAT EYE Urban Wireless Bike Computer

If there’s one thing that cyclists love more than anything, it’s knowing how far they’ve cycled and at what speed. Gotta secure those bragging rights with their fellow bike riders!

This bike computer from Cat Eye comes with all the features they’ll need in an easy-to-read-on-the-go LCD display. It’s difficult to justify buying one of these for yourself, but if you were to buy it for them…

Monkey Light Ultra-Durable Full Color Bike Wheel Lights

I’ve saved the absolute best till last with this. Forget those crappy bike tire reflectors that you stick onto your spokes.

These are full-color super-bright LEDs for your wheels that can switch between 19 different themes (my favorite is the Space Invaders one).

Whilst you can argue that these are a really practical way of letting other road users see you cycling along…these are really the most amazing cool accessory for your bike.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Bicycle Enthusiasts

Everyone loves a bit of Secret Santa, don’t they…? Don’t they…?

Ok, so I admit it can be a little tricky to choose the right gift at the right price for someone that you don’t really know. But, if you know what one of their hobbies or passions is, then it makes it one heck of a lot easier. And, let’s face it, Christmas is a busy enough time of the year as it is, without adding extra stress.

I hope my research into the best cycling gifts at various price points is useful for you? These are all great gifts that any keen cyclist will absolutely love to receive.

Happy Christmas!

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