Peloton Reversible Workout Mat (Review And My Recommendation)

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If you’re considering the Peloton reversible workout mat, hold on a second, because there may be a better option.

Do you need the Peloton mat? What is the Peloton mat for? Is Peloton’s reversible workout mat actually any good? Or is there a better alternative for your Peloton spin bike? All good questions that deserve some answers before you part with your hard-earned cash.

I’ve done some in-depth research to compare and contrast the Peloton mat vs the top 3 competitor products. Which is the best one to team up with your Peloton bike? Let’s take a look and see.

My recommended workout mat for your Peloton is the Force USA VersaFit Reversible Commercial flooring tile.
Designed to withstand the rigors of a busy commercial gym environment, these tiles are tough, great looking and long-lasting. The beveled edge on both sides of the tiles allows them to be flipped over to give double the life.
Awesome product and a pair of tiles gives the perfect fit for your Peloton

Outside the US? Get this one from Amazon.

Do you need the peloton mat?

The best place to start is to consider whether you actually need a mat for your Peloton at all. Is this just a nice-to-have piece of kit or does it really serve a useful purpose? The answer is that yes it most definitely does.

Unless you have your Peloton sited on a hard concrete floor then you’ll really need an appropriate surface to put the bike on. Can a peloton go on carpet? Yes, it can. However, if you have a soft carpet, then a sheet of ¾” plywood will be very useful in keeping the bike stable and eliminating any rocking movement as you pedal. Plywood can be a very practical option but it doesn’t necessarily match up to your Peloton’s great looks. It’s not as easy to keep clean as some of the mats below and, unlike a rubber mat, won’t soak up any vibration noise (an essential if you live in an apartment or have sleeping kids nearby).

What size mat do I need for peloton?

The footprint of a Peloton bike is a very compact 24” x 48”. Best advice is to get a mat that will allow your bike to sit on top with room around each side. This helps when you’re getting on and off the bike and it also allows for a larger surface in order to catch any flying perspiration. Yuck, I know, but it’s a practical consideration as Peloton workouts do generate a helluva lotta sweat.

Best reversible workout mat for Peloton

So, which is the best workout mat for your Peloton spin bike? I’ve got the details of the 4 options below including the Peloton mat. These are listed in the order that I recommend them. Let’s take a look.

Force USA VersaFit Reversible Commercial flooring tiles (TOP RECOMMENDATION)
These VersaFit tiles from Force USA are my recommendation for the best reversible workout mat to team up with your Peloton. Why? Firstly, because they’re made for commercial gym environments you know that they’re tough and hard-wearing. That toughness is down to the construction of the mats from bonded rubber pellets that gives a floor surface which soaks up the kind of heavy wear and tear that you’d get in the gym.

The mats are good for the environment, as they’re made from recycled rubber, and good for you as they’re free of halogens, formaldehyde and PVC. Maintenance is a cinch. Either sweep with a soft broom or vacuum the surface.

One big benefit of these tiles is the way that they soak up noise and vibration – a major benefit if you live in an apartment block.

Each tile is 39.4in square by 5/8in thick and two tiles will give ample room under your bike. The double-beveled edge allows you to flip the tiles over as needed. With both sides being identical this is perfect for doubling the lifespan of this floor covering. Buy with confidence.

Clevr 1” Extra Thick Interlocking Reversible Floor Tiles (RUNNER UP)
A close second place are the Clevr Extra Thick Reversible Tiles. These are a huge 1” thick so provide a great stable surface for the bike. They also come in a 12-pack of 24”x24” tiles so you have plenty of space to set up a big workout area, or you can hold some in reserve as spares.

The tiles are reversible with one side being gray and one black, so you can match them up with your décor or mood. Each side has a steel plate grip pattern design which gives a great industrial chic look.

A clever (no pun intended) feature is that the tiles interlock together like puzzle pieces. This ensures that they don’t slide apart over time. They’re also easy to separate so you can dismantle and move the tiles quickly if you need to.

These tiles are a great choice.

CAP Barbell Premium Spin Bike Mat
If you have a firm floor, such as hardwood, then this spin bike mat from CAP Barbell is a good choice.

It’s 3’x4’ so has sufficient length for your Peloton and a generous width. Made from tough PVC it’s only a quarter-inch thick so won’t dampen noise and vibration to any great degree. However, if that’s not an issue, then the budget price of this mat makes it very attractive.

Useful for your bike it can also make a great yoga or jump-rope mat. Plus, it easily rolls up when you don’t need it into a very tight package for easy storage.

Peloton Reversible Workout Mat
You can purchase the standard Peloton bike mat as part of either their sets (The Works, or The Family Pack) or by itself. It’s 36”x72”, black and single-sided.

Alternatively, you can get the reversible bike mat. This isn’t available in the sets and you have to buy this separately.

The reversible mat has a much smaller area than the standard mat at only 26”x71”. That feels a little on the small side and doesn’t allow for any flying perspiration as you pedal hard. One side of the mat is black, the other red. There’s a slight variation in texture on the two sides which Peloton explain as giving a surface that works for your bike and for yoga.

Would I buy the Peloton mat? Probably not. Yeah, it’s got the logo, but really I’m looking for a surface that is larger (to fit the bike with plenty of space on all sides) and thicker (so it gives a stable surface on carpet and soaks up any noise and vibration). For that reason, my recommendation are the VersaFit commercial tiles from Force USA. An excellent product that is the perfect match for your Peloton.

Enjoy the ride!