OutdoorMaster GEM Bike Helmet: Mips Safety; Budget Price

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If you’re looking for an affordable cycling helmet that incorporates Mips safety technology, then your search may be over.

Rewind just a few years and you needed to have deep pockets in your cycling jersey to afford the enhanced head protection that a Mips bike helmet would give you.

Thankfully, OutdoorMaster’s GEM bike helmet has now shaken up the field with a Mips helmet that looks great, keeps your skull in one piece, and retails for less than $60.

Oh, and it’s available in ten different colors too, so you can grab one for every wacky cycling jersey you own.

Technical details

On the outside, the GEM has trail-ready styling, so it looks the part whether you’re tackling light- to medium-duty MTB routes, or park rides with the kids.

The visor unclips (using the three press fittings around the brim) so you can also give it some road cycling or urban riding chic, if visors aren’t your bag.

Inside, you’ll see the distinctive bright yellow of the Mips lining (you’ll also see the Mips decal on the exterior so you know it’s legit).

Attached to the interior of the Mips liner are a series of foam pads that make up part of the infinite adjustability of the helmet:

The helmet comes with the pre-installed foam pads and also a second full spare set of pads – these can be used to customize the fit in addition to the installed pads, or you can keep them ready for when the first pads get worn and compressed.

Another useful aspect of the foam padding is that the leading edge of this (nearest to your brow) comes with an integrated bug net which stops any flying critters from hitching a ride as you pedal along.

At the rear of the helmet you’ll find a dial that tightens or loosens the horizontal fitting to make it perfect for your own individual head circumference.

Add in the sturdy nylon chin strap and you can get this helmet fitting snugly and correctly in no time at all.

For cycling in hot weather the helmet helps to keep your head cool with the series of vents positioned over the surface – there are 25 in total, delivering personalized aircon for your scalp.

And, all of this comes in a package that won’t weigh your head down – the GEM helmet weighs a I-can-hardly-feel-it-on-my-head 12.1 oz or 343 g (Large size).

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At this price, it’s hard to see why anyone would get a non-MIPS helmet. It’s a no-brainer for keeping your brain safe and, with free shipping on all OutdoorMaster branded products, it might be the right time to get yourself a new helmet.

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