Mountain Biking Stocking Fillers (Great Small Christmas Gifts)

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I got 99 problems, but a mountain biker ain’t one. So sang Jay Z.

Okay, whilst Jay Z may have sung slightly different lyrics, if he was in my shoes right now, then that’s what he would have sung.

Every year I seem to have to buy more and more gifts for more and more people. Distant cousins, friends who have everything, and George, from Accounts, whose name I picked out in the dreaded Secret Santa. It might not quite be 99 presents to buy, but it certainly feels like it.

If only I had a mountain biker to buy for.

Why? Well, mountain bikers are easy as pie to buy for. They love gadgets. They’re always wearing stuff out, or breaking it, or losing it. And there are so many different options for great gifts to buy for them at a range of different price points to suit every budget.

Today, we’re going to take a look at a selection of gifts that are fantastic stocking fillers. These are all items that they’ll really appreciate receiving and will be really useful for them in their crazy mountain biking adventures. So, grab a beverage of your choice and we’ll dive in.

Mountain biking gifts for her

Before we take a look at the full list of stocking stuffer ideas, I just want to clarify a quick point.

I’ve gone for a gender non-specific approach to this list, because I wanted there to be some great choices here whether you’re buying for ladies or gents. So, (almost) all the items on the list are suitable for everyone. If there’s anything that’s specifically male or female, then I’ll always put a suitable alternative for the other half of the mountain biking population. [Full disclosure: um, unfortunately, the first item on my list is just for one gender. Apologies, but I really didn’t think there was going to be a female alternative!]

Let’s go!

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Mountain bike novelty gifts

Okay, let’s take a look at some great Christmas gifts for mountain bikers.

Funny gifts for mountain bikers

I know I said at the top of the page, that all these gift ideas were suitable for men and women, but I just had to include this funny one which is probably just for the guys.

Light-up bicycle balls. Whilst they’re a funny bike gift, there’s also a serious side to them. Having a set of these dangling from a cyclist’s saddle as they ride along the roads is likely to draw the attention of other road users. This can only be a good thing – if car and truck drivers spot these, ahem, light-up gentleman’s bits then it means that they’ll be able to pass the cyclist safely. It’s an amusing gift, but it will keep the mountain biker safe on the roads.

Daily Planner for Mountain Bikers

A daily planner is a useful thing for a mountain biker. Why? Well, just like for everybody else, it’s a useful place for them to keep a note of birthdays, important business meetings, and whatnot.

But the real reason that mountain bikers love a daily planner like this is three-fold:

  1. To keep track of what bike rides they’ve been on
  2. To plan the bike rides they’re going to go on
  3. To use as a great conversation-starter when they’re off the bike

“Oh, my 2020 Mountain Bike Daily Planner? Yes, I do go mountain biking, actually. Have I ever told you about the time when I ripped up the trails down Denali, whilst being chased by a pack of wild….

Bike Multi-function 16-in-1 Tool Kit

If you were to go along to your local mountain bike trails right now and do a quick check to see whether every rider had a tool kit packed for their day out…you’d probably find that most didn’t.

This is unfortunate because the most likely place that they’ll need a tool kit is halfway around the trails when they have a puncture or their brakes need adjusting or a million other things.

Yeah, they’ve got a really comprehensive tool kit back home, but that’s not much good to them now. What they really need is a compact set like this one from Wotow that covers all the bases, including blown tires, and is all packed up neat and small in the handy storage pouch.

Insulated Bike Water Bottle

Most mountain bikers will have a number of water bottles, so you might think that an extra would be surplus to their requirements.

I’d be willing to be though that, if you had a look at their current water bottles, then you’d find that they were all stained, muddy, and with black mold on the inside of the drinking spout, where it’s impossible to clean.

Both the mtb rider, and their health, will be forever grateful for a sparkly new and very clean water bottle. This one from Polar Bottle is especially good because (in my opinion) it’s an optimal size for riding with at 24 oz. Plus it’s insulated, so will keep their drinks cold throughout the day, because who likes warm drinks.

CO2 Tire Inflator Kit With 3 CO2 Cartridges

I’m a big fan of CO2 tire inflators and this is a fantastic set from Bicykit.

Lots of mountain bikers will have a big tire pump that they keep at home or in the car. That’s great, but those sorts of pumps are too big to take out on the trails with them.

The only alternative (until CO2 inflators came along) was a small hand pump that took ages to inflate tires with and left you feeling like your arm was going to drop off. They’ll be very grateful for a kit like this as it’s easy to pop in a pocket and inflates tires in a few seconds.

Bicycling Magazine subscription

In our household, we’re big fans of getting magazine subscriptions as gifts as you get a brand-new gift through the mail every month, not just at Christmas.

I’ve always liked Bicycling magazine as it’s filled with great photos and in-depth articles that keep you motivated to get back out there on your bike, whatever the weather.

Ass Savers 4th Generation Clip-On Bicycle Fender

I know, I know, it’s got a comedy name, but actually it’s an incredibly useful piece of kit for a mountain biker.

The Ass Saver is super useful– I’ve got a couple of them (on various bikes) and they work really well. In contrast to the traditional sort of bike fenders or mudguards that you see, which are permanently fitted, these are actually made to be fitted on to the bike only when the weather goes bad.

They slip into place under the saddle in just a few seconds and do an awesome job of protecting the lucky mountain biker from all the mud and puddles. They’re a universal fit, so will go on any kind of saddle, and can be unclipped when not needed.

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Christmas Gifts For Bicycle Riders

I bet that Jay Z wishes he had a mountain biker to buy a gift for Christmas, don’t you? Mountain bikers are simple to buy presents for. They love all types of gadgets. They’re forever wearing stuff out, or damaging it, or losing it. Also, there’s such a wide variety of options for awesome gifts to buy for MTB riders, and at a range of different prices for every budget.

I hope this list of some of the best stocking filler gifts for mountain bikers is useful? These are all gift items that they’ll absolutely appreciate getting and they’ll be really useful for them in their (slightly mad) mountain biking adventures.

Happy shopping and have a wonderful Christmas!