I love this girl’s incredible bike skills

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The BicycleVolt Good News Letter

Today is October 4th, 2023, and today you are unstoppable

2023 is flashing past, isn’t it?

October already and the leaves in my part of the world are starting to change to red.

The breeze is picking up too and, as I huddle inside typing this, I shudder a little thinking about the headwind I’ll no doubt face on my next bike ride.

But, from a different perspective, or just riding in a different direction, that sapping headwind becomes a tailwind that sends you whizzing along.

All the bad news we hear is like that headwind, dragging you down.

Good news is like a tailwind though and is guaranteed to put a grin on your face.

Shall we check out some good news and go for a cycle with the wind behind us?

Have a great day,

Ben, founder of BicycleVolt

Cycling whilst standing on your handlebars? Here’s how – I tend to be quite pleased with myself if I can manage to cycle in a straight line and not fall off too many times.

However German athlete, Viola Brand, takes bike riding to a whole new level with the sport of ‘Artistic Cycling’.

Check out some of the incredible tricks she has mastered and start the video at 3:33 to see Viola do this amazing handlebar-standing feat.

You know, just in case you want to try doing it yourself. Footage below

Turn your life around through cycling – if you’re like me then you maybe feel like your life gets stuck in a rut for time to time.

The routine of everyday can get a little too samey, you know what I mean?

Cycling 7000 miles across America, like Jedidiah Jenkins, might not be on everyone’s bucket list but just getting out for a bike ride when you’re feeling a little low can turn your day around. Video below

You’re never too old for competitive cycling – It’s easy to assume that our racing days are behind us, isn’t it?

We tell the young folks about our aches and pains, and either suggest we’ll help staff the post-ride refreshment stall or, best case, that we’ll toddle along in the sweeper car keeping an eye on the backmarkers.

Enter: 95yr old, Jack Eckenrode, currently cycling 16 miles a day as part of his training regime for a forthcoming 10k time trial.

Now, what was your excuse again…? Story

Did you know? The longest unicycle chain ever was formed in June 2013 in Germany.

An amazing 346 unicyclists linked arms and balanced on their unicycles.

Wow! That’s wheely good! Story

“When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn’t work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me.”

Emo Philips, US comedian

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