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How to modify a cycle at home

If you’re looking for the best bicycle customization ideas, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s the quick answer: Monkey Light M232

Let’s rewind…

Back in the day, you had one main way of making your bicycle look cool. It was a simple method that involved two pieces of kit. Both of which could be, ahem, borrowed. Though getting the second one often got you into hot water next time your dad organized a poker or bridge night with his pals.

What you needed:

  1. A couple of clothes pegs (your mum would never notice these were missing from the laundry)
  2. A playing card (it was always wise to take a Joker, as generally this wouldn’t be used in a card game. Taking the Ace of Spades or similar was always dangerous and you would be found out eventually and the cost of a new set of playing cards deducted from your meager pocket money)

How to customize your mountain bike:

  1. Wrap the playing card onto one of the rear forks and peg it into position. You had to ensure that enough of the playing card extended from the forks so that it would reach the spokes
  2. Get on the bike and start pedaling. As you did the playing card would catch each of the spokes making a noise. As you increased speed this would give a distinctive sound that was very much like a motorbike

It was really cool.

In hindsight though, once 20 of your friends also had the same playing card attachment, making the same motorbike noise, it became a bit less cool.

But by that point, you were out of options. And probably out of pocket money anyway, as your playing card ‘borrowing’ had no doubt been discovered by this point. Sigh…

Thankfully these days there are a lot more options for making your bike cool. Best of all, these won’t involve plundering your mum’s laundry room or your dad’s games cupboard.

Shall we take a look and you can whet your appetites?

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Short on time? Here are my top cool bike accessories for adults:

[amazon box=”B007BWP2X0,B07P9SRPLW,B07QDJWZ4G,B07PYNRZZ3,B01HI1908Q,B00J2FF71G,B07BQT2D9J,B0081UDLDY,B07BFFMDPF” template=”table” button_text=”View details”]

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Cool bike accessories for adults

Okay, let’s take a look at each of the recommendations in a bit more detail.

Sunlite Cruiser 927 Tires, 26 x 2.125

Black rubber is just about the dullest and most unexciting material to make bike tires out of, isn’t it? Make a statement by swapping the black out for a new funky colour. Either go with a matching pair or different colours front and rear.

These are 26” tires and there’s a 700x38c model here. All the colours of the rainbow to choose from.

BronaGrand Schrader Tire Valve Caps

If you’ve pimped up your bike tires you can hardly put the same dull and tired valve caps back on, can you? Instead, go with a pair of these.

Complement or contrast your tire colour, the choice is yours.

NEEAI Bike Lights Bell Squeeze Horns

With this awesome bike horn you can properly re-visit your childhood.

It lights up and you can give it a squeeze and it will let out a 45dB shriek.

You want more? Ok, well it’s shaped like a yellow plastic bath duck and topped in your choice of 33 different bike helmet designs. My personal favorite is the Silver Angel design.

MARQUE Tacky Bike Handlebar Tape

One of the easiest and fastest ways to increase the cool factor on your bike is to take off the old, worn, and tired original bar tape.

Not sure how to replace bar tape? It’s really easy. Take a look at this video to see how it’s done.

Get rid of the tape that you’ve had on the bike for 15+ years – and replace it with brand new bar tape in a funky, bright color.

Avantree WP400 Portable Wireless Bike Speaker with Bicycle Mount

Whilst I enjoy listening to the sounds of nature sometimes when I’m cycling. Birds tweeting, waves lapping, leaves rustling. Sometimes I’m just more in the mood for a bit of Linkin Park, do you know what I mean?

This is a great speaker, that comes in a very handy bike water bottle size and shape. That means you can slot it into your existing bottle holder (or use the included fixings instead) and cruise along to those sweet beats.

Ibera Bike Handlebar Cup Holder

It’s just not possible to cycle without a double mocha chocca latte with cinnamon dusting, is it?

And yet, it’s not very easy to cycle when you’re holding that in one hand and guiding your bike with the other.

Try this cup holder for size and you’ll never spill a drop of your liquid gold when you’re on the bike.

VonShef Large Picnic Blanket – Soft & Waterproof

This picnic blanket is soft, waterproof, very large, and yet packs up small, and can attach to your handlebars or rear rack with the strap.

Then you’re ready for action whenever you spot a great al fresco dining opportunity. At the beach, in the park, wherever.

Monkey Bike Wheel Light M232

You’ve probably seen lights that go on your wheels before? Well, not like these.

These Monkey Lights are pre-programmed to display a whole range of patterns and objects from rockets to space invaders, and just look amazing.

Want to see what they look like in action? Take a look at this. How cool are they?! Now go buy yourself a set straight away.

Play-Haus Design Wood and Steel Indoor Bicycle Bike Wall Mount

When you’ve got your bike looking cool, the way you want it to, you can’t just sling it in the yard or the garage, can you?

Cool bikes are an art form and, just like a Van Gogh or a Picasso, you need to display them properly where they can be appreciated by one and all. If you’ve got a step-thru bike frame, or a frame with a sloping top tube, then you can pop one of these on the wall instead. Otherwise, this is the bike storage you need. Choose between dark walnut and lighter elm. Then hang your beloved steed on the wall, sit back, and admire.

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Final word on making your bike look cool

Times change. Now we can leave the pegs in the laundry room and the playing cards in the games cupboard. There are some fantastic choices out there for making your bike look cool.

The hard bit? That’s deciding which ones to pick…

Be cool.