How To Carry Spare Tube On Road Bike? (My Recommendation)

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It’s fair to say that road bikes are not exactly over-endowed with copious storage solutions. So, you may be left wondering how on earth you’re supposed to stash all the kit you need to take on a bike ride.

Luckily, there’s a simple answer which I found after many years of lashing stuff onto my bike with cable ties, duct tape, or whatever else I could find. I should add that, whilst the ties and tape are quite effective in fixing stuff on, they’re not great when you have to try and take those things off the bike. I love duct tape but it is very, very sticky…

The simple answer then is to get a mini saddle bag like the Aero Wedge from Topeak.

Go and buy it straight away, if you must. Secure it to your bike, pop in an inner tube, and pedal off into the sunset for all I care. But, for those of you with a little extra time, read on. I’ve got lots more details on why the Aero Wedge is so good for your road bike, and what else you can stash in it.

How to carry things on a road bike

In my time, I have carried a great deal whilst cycling on my road bike. This has ranged from bags of groceries precariously swinging from one handlebar to a family bikepacking expedition with over-stuffed panniers containing 2 tents and 4 sleeping bags. These have all fallen into the category of “Doable But Not Exactly Ideal”.

Stashing an inner tube should be a simpler ask, and yet it still took me much searching to find the best solution.

Topeak Aero Wedge Velcro Pack

And here it is.

Fundamentally, the Aero Wedge is a beautiful solution to the problem because it allows you to carry stuff without affecting the aerodynamics of your bike.

Believe me when I tell you that other ‘solutions’, such as the panniers-with-tents-and-sleeping-bags combo, can have a huge detrimental impact on your aerodynamics. Not only that but they will affect your balance point and cause your back tire to pop at the worst possible place on a bikepacking tour.


But, to return to the point, tucking this wedge pack underneath your saddle keeps it out of the way. So much so that you’ll forget it’s even there until you actually need it. Which is great news.

The Aero Wedge comes in four sizes and is securely fastened on to seat post and saddle with nylon straps and Velcro/quick-release buckle. Made from 1200 denier nylon it is robust and has a water- and stain-resistant coating applied. It also reflective detailing and a clip to attach a rear light.

Added benefits of a saddle bag

Saddle bags are an excellent choice for carrying a spare inner tube on your road bike. But why stop there? There’s room in that bag for more kit. So, empty out your pockets (because that’s really not a comfortable way to carry things) and fill up the bag.

My recommendation would be to add the following:

Multitool, such as this one

Mini bike pump, such as this one

Snacks! (like these)

Would you like to see the Topeak Aero Wedge in action?

Check out this video from Topeak and you’ll see how good it could look on your road bike: