His And Hers Cycling Tops (Matching Jerseys For Couples)

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In the 21st Century, there are many worldwide problems that us humans are trying to solve: global warming, over-population, and obesity being three that quickly spring to mind. You probably won’t find one particularly challenging issue on any of these “Worldwide Problems In The 21st Century” lists though and yet I really think it should be up there with the rest of them.

What am I talking about? Well, it’s the problem of finding really good his and hers cycling tops.

Whilst this is arguably not an issue that has as much impact on the globe as, say, over-population, it’s also quite a bit cheaper to solve. And yet, when you look online, you’ll be hard-pressed to find many good-looking matching cycling jerseys.

I don’t know why this is the case, but we need to act. Now!

So, I decided to do some research to track down the best matching cycling jerseys for couples and I’ve managed to hunt out some awesome choices. These are shirts that look great by themselves and even better when you, and your Significant Other, are pedaling along the roads in a speedy 2-person peloton. Let’s take a look.

Quick Answer: ZM Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey: His and Hers

His and Hers Cycling Jerseys

Okay, here are the best of the best matching cycling tops that I’ve discovered for men and women.

Twin Six Grand Prix Jersey

This is a fantastic cycling jersey from Twin Six. I love everything about it really, from the horizontal stripe detail in retro colors to the jet black shirt color.

Super-stylish, it also packs a great list of features comprising full-length zipper and useful rear pockets.

The men’s shirt matches the women’s design exactly in terms of the colors and pattern and is cut to fit male riders.

These shirts are from an American company that has been manufacturing great looking bike kit since the mid-Noughties, and this is an awesome addition to their catalog.

AERO|TECH|DESIGNS Better Together Cycling Jersey

This is a fun cycling jersey from Aero Tech Designs, who have always produced some fantastic bike gear.

The “Coffee & Donuts” design is one of my favorite jerseys from their current range. The man’s jersey in blue goes perfectly with the pink jersey for womenA jersey that is great fun and is sure to get plenty of positive comments from other riders, whilst probably making you look forward to that next refreshment stop.

ZM Geometric Design Cycling Jersey

ZM has produced an awesome matching pair of jerseys with this one.

Each top has plenty of different styles and colors to pick from, some of which have matching shorts or bibs as part of the set.

The one I want to highlight is this shirt featuring a great geometric pattern in black, yellow, and red. It’s a super practical cycling top and has all the great features you’d wish for.

There’s a full zipper, which is great for giving extra ventilation on summer rides. There’s also 3 good-sized pouches at the rear for inner tubes and energy gels. A silicone strip runs along the bottom hem and this stops the top from riding up as you pedal. So avoiding the chilly slice of lower back that a standard top would give you. Excellent value for money.

DuShow His-and-Hers Short Sleeve Bike Jersey and Padded Shorts Set

Matching jerseys are great, but sometimes you need to have a full matching set of bike apparel.

A shirt-and-shorts combo like this by DuShow is perfect.

The jersey is awesome, available in blue for men and pink or red for women, and the padded shorts are, well, nice and padded to stop your butt from getting sore. Great value.

Couples That Bike Together Stay Together Matching T-Shirt

Time for a bonus recommendation!

Cycling with your Significant Other is fantastic, but you’re not always out cycling, are you? There are occasional occasions when you’re not out on your bikes together and then you need something else to wear. Maybe something that tells everyone how much you love each other and how much you both love cycling? Yep, here you go then.

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Matching Mens and Womens Cycling Jerseys

Really good his and hers cycling tops are so difficult to find, aren’t they? I spent one heck of a long time tracking down the cream of the crop of matching cycling shirts. I hope this list of some of the best cycling jerseys is useful?