3 Amazing New eBikes From Himiway – Which Will You Choose?

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Himiway, the long-range ebike expert, announced a fresh new line up of electric bikes yesterday in a live-stream on YouTube. Not only did they give details of their newest ebikes (the Rhino, the Rambler and the Pony) but they also promised lots more exciting developments over the coming year.

Missed the live stream? Don’t worry, there’s a link to the recording below and I’ve got a summary of the highlights of these three new bikes here to whet your appetite for more.

himiway rhino
Source: Himiway

Himiway Rhino

What do you get when you cross a 1000W hub motor (delivering 86Nm of torque), 4.5” wide fat bike tires, and a pair of 48V 15Ah Samsung/LG batteries? Well, funnily enough, you get a very serious ebike that is capable of transporting you for incredibly long distances (Himiway estimates up to 100 miles per charge).

Not only that, but the fat tires teamed up with front suspension and comfort sprung saddle make this a highly capable machine for travel over some very inhospitable terrain, including snow, sand, and mud.

Feel you might need a little more oomph? Himiway have you got you covered here too. The Rhino ebike I’ve described above is actually just the basic model. Incredible as it is to imagine, there’s also a Rhino Pro model available which has an additional 1000W mid-drive motor. Taking the torque up to an unbelievable 160Nm, this will likely give you all the oomph you need and more.

himiway rambler
Source: Himiway
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Himiway Rambler

To date, Himiway have focused on highly capable fat tire ebikes for rugged environments (think Zebra and Cobra).

With the Rambler they’re setting their sights on conquering the urban jungle too.

Under the hood, the Rambler has a powerful 500W motor (with options to have this either as a hub or mid-drive). It also has a high capacity 720Wh battery tucked inside the downtube and, together with the motor, this has a claimed 55 miles range. More than enough for a significant return trip in any major city.

Take a look at the geometry of the bike and you’ll see that it’s well set up for urban cycling. The 2.4” tires, front suspension and sprung saddle give a smooth journey over the most potholed of city pavements. The step-through frame is practical for tight skirts or pants and the upright riding position gives great all-around visibility for spotting traffic and other hazards.

Take your choice from Himi Gray, Pearl White, or (my favorite) Mint Green.

himiway pony
Source: Himiway
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Himiway Pony

Stand on electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular as a “last-mile” commuter option in many cities. But they’re not necessarily the right choice for everyone, with many folk finding them difficult to balance on, particularly at speed.

That’s why I’m especially excited to see the Himiway Pony.

At a featherweight 35 lbs, and only 49” in length, the pedal-free Pony is easy to carry and will tuck into the smallest of spaces.

Despite its small stature, the Pony still packs a mean punch: The 300W hub motor and 360Wh battery can deliver between 10 and 20 miles (depending on your choice of model: 5Ah or 10Ah).

I can see the Pony being a popular choice for RV and boat owners. As well as being a nimble and compact option for city-center apartment dwellers looking for a portable and easily storable commuter bike.

Further details on the launch event and the new bikes can be found here and in the YouTube video below:

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