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In recent years, Heybike have firmly established their position in the US market with a range of competitively priced electric bikes.

Now, Heybike have set their sights on the EU and UK markets with a pair of fresh new models specifically created for European cyclists.

I’ll be trying the EC1 out in a couple of months when stock arrives here and I have to say I’m excited.


Well, there’s two reasons: the specification and the price.

Solid specification

Firstly, the spec. The ebike comes in two frame designs – the EC1 is the high crossbar style typically billed as a men’s or unisex bike (though, clearly, perfectly suitable for women too).

The EC1-ST is the step-through / low-step variation which gives an easy-boarding experience for anyone who finds swinging their leg over regular bike crossbars a struggle.

Both bikes are available in three colorways: Black, Teal Blue and Buttery White for the EC1, with Light Pink, Teal Blue and Buttery White for the step-through model. The colors look modern and will be sure to turn heads.

The bikes are city/fitness bikes that look sleek and fast – perfect for commuting on city streets with the smooth rolling and grippy 700x40c tires.

Add in the thoughtful extras, such as front and rear fenders, kick stand and hydraulic brakes and I can see the bikes becoming firm favorites for commuters.

Of course, all these great features are teamed up with the battery and motor, making commutes decidedly less sweaty and more enjoyable.

heybike ec1 and ec1-st easy to carry

Many ebike manufacturers take a regular bike and strap a battery on – it does the job, but can look a little clunky.

Not so with Heybike and the EC1/EC1-ST. The battery is neatly integrated into the downtube, which gives a sleek appearance to the bikes.

Handy when you want to “fly under the radar” with non-electric-bike cycling partners…

heybike ec1 and ec1-st great for city commuting
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Affordable price

Of course, all this good stuff would be less appealing if the swing tag had more than its fair share of zeros on the price.

But, with a pre-sale price of £1499 for each model, the EC1 and EC1-ST both look to be impressive value for money.

On paper then, these e-bikes look like an exciting and affordable proposition. When they arrive in October I look forward to testing and reviewing them in full.

Watch this space for more details.


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