Gifts For Spinning Enthusiasts (Easy Buying Guide)

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Whether you’re buying gifts for an indoor cyclist, spin instructor, or Peloton fanatic….you’re in luck! There’s a whole world of awesome gifts to choose from for fitness buffs obsessed with spin class. Whatever your budget, you’ll find a range of gifts from high-end fitness tracker watches to stocking fillers like brow-mopping packs of gym towels.

So, how do you choose the best gifts for your spinning enthusiast? Well, the best advice I can give is to choose gifts that don’t come in different clothes sizes – unless you’re absolutely certain what size they want then it’s usually best to steer clear. Gym clothes can be tricky items to pick as people will have very particular feelings about how loose or fitted they like to wear items. Leave the clothes purchases to them and instead get them one of the fantastic gift options below.

I’ve compiled this list based on my own research and feedback from buyers. There’s plenty of choice available and at a range of prices to suit every pocket. I’ve also included a handy guide below on what gifts are useful for spinning either at home or in a class.

Happy shopping!

Gifts for spinning enthusiasts:

Insulated water bottle

Keep hydrated

Gym towels multipack

Stay dry and focused

Skullcandy headphones

Keep the beats coming

Deep tissue massage gun

Ease sore muscles

What are the best spin class accessories?

Whilst there are really only two essentials necessary for spinning (a spin bike and an enthusiastic spinner!) there are plenty of extras that will make the whole experience less of an ordeal and more enjoyable. Although, it has to be said that spinning is never going to be a workout session for the faint-hearted.

How to choose great spin class gifts

As I mentioned earlier, one of the keys to choosing good spin gifts is to steer well clear of sizing. Clothes sizing is very individual-specific with everyday clothes but, for workout gear, it can be even more important. It’s not unusual for people to either want more fitted items to show off the right curves or looser flowy items to hide the unwanted curves! One area where it is easier to buy sized gifts is with bike shoes or socks – go with their normal shoe or sneaker size and this will generally be perfect.

What accessories are useful for spinning enthusiasts? Let’s take a look.

Fresh new water bottle

If you’ve ever experienced spinning for yourself, you’ll know that it’s super-hot and sweaty work. That means that gifts that ALWAYS go down well with exercise bike lovers are those that either mop up perspiration…or help them to rehydrate.

Now what often happens is that people use the same bottle every time they workout, sometimes for years, until eventually the bottle is scuffed and scratched, has yukky mold in impossible-to-clean places, and leaves the water tasting horrible.

A new water bottle will ALWAYS be appreciated by spinners and particularly one with helpful features, such as a sports cap (for one-handed use) and an insulated body (to keep the drinks cool as the studio temperature soars).

Wireless headphones for their favorite tunes

As well as sweat, another feature of spinning is pain. Leg pain, butt pain, even arm pain (if they’re combining spinning with weights). Whilst they can look out the window or something to try and forget about the pain, it’s easier if they can immerse themselves in their favorite music or podcasts instead.

One of the best ways to do this is with wireless Bluetooth headphones. These are excellent for canceling out any ambient noise (for example in a crowded gym) and keeping the music in. Being wireless this also means no tangle of wires to untangle – something they’ll definitely thank you for!

Bluetooth headphones are also great if you’re spinner has one of the new Peloton bikes. These have live classes streamed to a screen between the handlebars and headphones means that they can hear the class without disturbing the neighbors or waking the kids.

Fitness-tracking smartwatch

When you’re on a fitness program it’s really useful to see how you’re performing and how far you’ve come in your journey. So a wearable fitness tracker smartwatch makes a great gift. Many of these will track exercise in a number of different forms, such as walking, cycling, and swimming, so are very versatile. Hey, some of them can even tell you the time!

Sports nutritional supplements

All fitness fans are focused on the fuel that they put into their bodies. Great nutrition plus fitness program equals their best performance.

Many times we can get our nutritional intake right with whole foods, however there will be plenty of occasions when a little extra help is needed. A nutritional supplement, particularly one that can be consumed as a tasty drink makes this super-simple.

Proper spinning footwear

It’s hard to believe, but when I first started on the bike, I just used normal sneakers. Trying out what are known as clipless pedals for the first time I was blown away by the amount of extra power I had – and that extra power meant that the spin class was either much easier or I could get fitter faster – a win either way!

A clipless system is essentially just a pair of cycling sneakers and a pair of cleats (which you can either get separately or in a bundle deal), teamed up with clipless pedals (which often come on a bike and are anyway easy to buy and fit).

Sweat-channeling headband

Back to perspiration! Many spinners find that head sweat is one of the biggest issues they have. Why is that? Well, unlike sweat from other bits of the body, sweat will tend to run down our faces and into our eyes and that can sting.

Headbands are great as they can soak up the sweat but they’ve come a long way since the original basic terry toweling ones (teamed up with color-coordinated wristbands, obviously). Nowadays there are fantastic headbands available that not only soak up the sweat but channel it from the forehead back over the ears and down the back of the neck. All of that keeps the face dry and perspiration-free.

Funky new socks

Do you remember when you got new socks as a gift? Dull weren’t they? The thing is that new sports socks are always appreciated for a fitness lover. First up they come in bright new colors to liven up their outfit. They’re also the kind of thing that they never buy for themselves – wearing the same pair of stinky socks with holes in the toes forever. Grab a multipack of funky new sports socks and brighten up their workout.

Anti-chafing cream

Probably one for someone you know well, but this is a gift that will be very much appreciated. Chafing is one of those agonies that all spinners silently endure. But it doesn’t have to be that way! With a tube of chamois cream they can ward off any unpleasant thigh rub and let them concentrate on the muscle pain elsewhere in their legs!

Forehead-mopping gym towels

We’ve talked about sweat so you know it’s an issue for spinners. One of the staples in a spinner’s gym bag is always a gym towel. They’ll use this to either drape over the handlebars (to catch falling sweat), or hang around the neck (to soak up head sweat), or pat themselves dry with once they’re off the bike. Like new socks, spinners can never have enough new gym towels. Grab them a multipack in a bright color so they can easily find them in the laundry pile.