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The Most Useful Accessories For Spinners

If you’re looking for gift ideas for someone who’s obsessed with working out on their Peloton bike, then you’ve come to the right place. Peloton aficionados are, thankfully, easy folks to buy gifts for as there’s a range of items that will enhance their workouts (and at a range of prices to suit every budget). Let’s take a look.

Until a couple of years ago, I’d only ever heard the word ‘peloton’ being used whenever I was hopping through the TV channels and caught a bit of coverage of one of the big long-distance cycle races, like the Tour de France. In those races, a peloton is the word used to describe a pack of riders moving along as a single group, with their front wheels a fraction of an inch behind the back wheels of the guys or gals in front. Peloton with a capital P is something different altogether.

Peloton could possibly be described as a fitness craze, or maybe a social phenomenon, or even a lifestyle movement. Maybe even all three at the same time. However you describe it, the essence of Peloton is that it is a stationary bike used for indoor cycling classes. You keep the bike in your home and the classes are live-streamed direct to the screen mounted above the handlebars. The classes are high octane and awesome.

I love them. Not at the time, obviously. At the time, when I’m in the middle of a class, my lungs are burning, the sweat is dripping, my muscles are in a whole world of pain…. Well, then I hate it with a passion. But, after the class, when I’m showered and changed and not having to ‘Stand Up!’ or ‘Pedal Harder!’ or ‘Increase The Resistance!’, then I love it!

So, have I convinced you to give it a try…?

Ok, even if I haven’t managed to convince you, there’s a few things that can make a huge difference to a Peloton rider. These are all inexpensive gifts that can ease the pain and increase the enjoyment of a class.

Shall we take a look?

Gifts For Peloton Riders

Insulated water bottle

Chilled hydration


Hyperice massage gun

Ease sore muscles

Gym towels multipack

Keep the sweat at bay

Wireless headphones

Just wait till the bass kicks in!

Workout tank tops 3pk

Flowy racerback athletic tops

*or Men's

Wahoo Fitness KICKR fan

A refreshing cool breeze

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Make sure you’ve got gift wrapping essentials in stock for this!

If you’re anything like I am, you’ll spend lots of time in choosing that perfect gift. Then have to rush round in a panic at the last moment trying to find something appropriate to wrap it in. This year, I’m trying to be more organized about gifts and gift wrapping, so I’ve decided to keep stock of the following in: gift wrap, decorative bows, ribbon, gift labels… and scotch tape, lots and lots of scotch tape.

Now I’ve got that Public Service Announcement out of the way, let’s move on and have a look at some great gift options for Peloton riders.

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My Top Recommended Gifts For Bike Spinners

Peloton workouts are tough, no doubt about it. Because they’re tough it means that you need some specialist gear to do them with (think insulated drinks bottles for re-hydrating and copious absorbent towels for the sweat). Not only do you need specialist kit like that, but the kit that indoor cyclists use has a tendency to get worn out pretty quickly. As gift buyers, that gives us a fantastic opportunity to refresh their kit with some cool new items. Let’s take a look at some of the great gifts you can get for a Peloton enthusiast.

Microfiber Gym Towels

You might be sat there thinking, yeah, I can understand why Ben has put gym towels down on this list. Hard physical activity = Sweat… and that needs mopping up. But why has he put a multipack of gym towels down…?

The fact is that your average Peloton class is hot, sweaty, and hard work. When I’m doing any kind of spinning class, I’ll have not one, but two towels with me! Why? Well, I’ve normally got one to mop my brow (which feels like a non-stop activity during a class). Then the second is draped permanently over the handlebars (to catch the sweat that the first towel doesn’t). If you’re doing a workout every day, then you either have to spend an inordinate amount of time doing laundry….or you need lots of good quality towels like these.

It’s a gift choice that will definitely be appreciated.

Insulated Water Bottle

Because it’s hot, sweaty work, you’ve got to make sure that you keep properly hydrated before, during, and after a class. So, all Peloton cyclists need a great water bottle with a sports cap. Now, lots of folk will already have plenty of water bottles but I can guarantee that 99.9% of these will be a health hazard: worn, cracked, and with unidentifiable gunk around the cap that is impossible to clean off and likely contains sufficient bacteria to kill an elephant at twenty paces. Do your giftee a huge favor and grab a new water bottle for their Peloton workouts.

A bottle like this is ideal as:

(1) it’s big, so you can get plenty of liquid in it to see you through the workout,

(2) it’s insulated, so you don’t end up drinking lukewarm water towards the end of the session (bleurgh!),and (3) it’s got a handy sports cap so you don’t end up throwing it everywhere as you pedal.

Workout Tank Tops

There are some things in life that I think you can never have too much of: money, time, freedom, and gym tank tops. It’s the same issue as with the towels – if you’re doing daily workouts, then you need plenty of tops. Unfortunately, new tank tops always feel like a bit of an indulgence to buy yourself, so folk tend to end up wearing old and tired tanks, long past their “Use By” date.

These are great tops. They come in a range of colours, are flowy where you need them to be, lightweight and stretchy. Super comfy and perfect for Peloton. There’s also a mens pack of tank tops here.

Massage guns

I used to be skeptical of massage guns and wondered whether they were worth the money. But then I discovered Peloton and found myself hobbling around the house and back yard like John Wayne on more occasions than I really thought the neighbors appreciated. The challenge is that Peloton workouts really give your quads and hamstrings (amongst other muscles) a real blast. In the longer term that gives you great legs. But, in the shorter term, it gives you a whole world of pain.

Thankfully I found that the Hyperice massage gun gave a massive dose of much needed relief to my sore and aching leg muscles. The beauty of this little gadget is that you can take it anywhere with you and it’s easy and straightforward to use – so, no, you don’t need extra vacation luggage or a pocket masseuse to accompany you on trips.

The market for massage guns has exploded in recent years as the tech has improved and folk have seen (and experienced) the benefits that you can get from using them: reducing soreness in muscles, improving recovery times, and alleviating stiffness. Hyperice are one of the top names in the field and their massage guns are light and convenient to use.

Wireless Noise-canceling headphones

Peloton bikes come with their own speakers, which are built into the bike console. That’s great, but there’s a couple challenges with these that means that many Peloton riders love to use wireless noise-canceling headphone when they work out.
First up is that the volume on the bike speakers can’t be set particularly high. In normal circumstances this might not be an issue but, if you’ve got significant ambient noise (such as traffic) then this can drown out the soundtrack and instructor. On the flipside, using those bike speakers can also be an issue when a user is trying not to add to the ambient noise. They might have sleeping kids nearby or the bike could be in the same room as the TV or in the home office. In those situations you have no choice but to workout with a great pair of over-ear headphones, like the ANC Crusher from Skullcandy. Fantastic sound quality (especially the bass!) with low sound leakage, these headphones pair easily with Peloton bikes.

Indoor cycling fan

We’ve already discussed how hot and sweaty Peloton workouts can be. And, whilst you can do a lot with a multipack of highly-absorbent gym towels, light ‘n’ floaty tank tops, and a large volume insulated water bottle, you also need to get as much cool airflow as you can.
Opening up a couple windows or cranking up the aircon a notch or two will only do so much to get a breeze going in the room, but it’s never going to be enough to counteract the heat that gets generated by a sweaty body being put through its paces in a Peloton session. Indoor cyclists have been dealing with this challenge for a long time, however, and manufacturers have come up with some great products that Peloton riders love. One of my favorites is the Wahoo Fitness KICKR Headwind fan. This gives massive 30mph windspeeds that are targeted at the hottest parts of a rider’s body and will adjust the airflow rate according to their heartrate. So, the harder they’re working the more the fan will blast them with a cooling breeze to soothe their sweaty limbs.
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Final word on buying gifts for Peloton riders

It can often be a bit of a challenge to find good quality, desirable gifts for people, can’t it?

When you know what one of their leisure activities is, then you’ve got a bit of a starting point for your search. It’s even better when the gifts that are available for Peloton riders are such great value for money and can make a big difference to them in their workouts.

Happy gifting.