Gifts For Indoor Cyclists (Easy Present Ideas)

Indoor cycling is a funny old form of exercise, isn’t it? It’s got plenty of positives. You get to do it inside, so you stay warm and dry no matter what the weather is doing outside. It’s in the privacy of your own home, so you don’t have to reveal any ‘wobbly’ bits to random strangers with perfect bodies. And you can listen to whatever tunes you want (mid-80s Euro pop, anyone…?) or watch re-runs of cheesy 90s sitcoms (Fresh Prince of Bel Air, any time 😉 ).

Of course, it’s also got quite a lot of negatives. The main one being that it hurts an awful lot and you will feel, in the middle of a workout, as if you’re going to die. Actually, you’d really, really like to die, because then the pain would all end…

All that pain, suffering, and “My life got flipped turned upside down” aside, if you’ve got an indoor cycling fan to buy a gift for, then you’re in luck. There are loads of great presents that they will really appreciate and be really useful for them. If you’re looking for gifts for a spin instructor, then you’re also in luck. Check out my gift ideas for them here.

I’ve done some research to see what the best value gifts for indoor bike riders are. So, I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there… and we’ll take a look, shall we?

Gifts for spin class lovers

Okay, let’s take a look at some of the best gifts for indoor cyclists.

Spin bike handlebar towel

The person who first said, “Water, water, everywhere…” may not have had indoor cycling classes in mind, but it’s certainly apt as there’s sweat aplenty.

The best way to mop it up (so you can pretend that, actually, you’re not finding the workout too tough today…) is to use a microfiber towel like this one.

The 4Monster towels come in 4 different sizes and are soft and durable.

Plus, they come in a handy travel box, so are easy to throw in a gym bag ready for the next dose of pain.

Spin Class Gym Bag

Speaking of which, I saw this fantastic gym bag in my research. It’s fantastic value and comes in two different sizes (depending on how ‘minimalist’ your indoor cycling gift recipient is…)

For me, the best bit about it is the sheer number of pockets and compartments.

I don’t like gym bags that just have one big space to put everything in as I find that all my nice clean gear gets mixed up with my disgusting sweaty and very smelly gear. This bag keeps everything separate, including wet kit in the water-resistant pockets and shoes in their own special compartment.

Water bottle for spin class

As you move through this list, you’ll notice that there’s one major theme that dominates: SWEAT. Simply put, indoor cycling is a form of exercise that generates one heck of a lot of moisture. We’ll look at gifts that are good for getting rid of that sweat in a moment, but first, let’s look at rehydration.

Whether you’re in a spin class at the gym or cycling by yourself in your own home, the one thing that you’ll be doing almost as much as pedaling is drinking.

For that reason, a water bottle like this one from CamelBak is essential. Cups or glasses of water are hopeless and you’d just end up spilling more of it on yourself or all over the floor.

This bottle is big enough at 24 oz to see you through a workout and, because it’s insulated, your drink will stay chilled till the cool down. Because nobody likes tepid water. Bleurgh.

Best shorts for indoor cycling

If you’ve ever ridden a bike (indoors or outdoors, it doesn’t matter) you’ll no doubt have noticed how hard and unforgiving bike saddles tend to be.

You might find that your, ahem, derrière is sore during the cycle, or you might find that the pain hits the day after. If you’re really lucky, you might have a sore butt during AND after.

I think cycling shorts like these are an absolute must when you’re on any kind of bike. Why? Well, they’ve got a special padded layer sewn into the crotch and butt area to cushion the wearer against those unforgiving seats. These come in a great range of colors and a wide range of sizing.

Spinning apparel tank tops

New workout tops are always difficult to justify buying for yourself.

Yes, you know that the old cotton t-shirt that you bought in 1982, the one with the holes that’s stretched and faded, is probably not giving you the look you really want in spin class. But, sadly, it’s the newest shirt you’ve got, so you’ve just got to pull it on and head to your workout.

Treat them to a new three-pack of these great moisture-wicking racerback tanks and they’ll be delighted (and look totally stylish again, at least at the start of their workout).

Athletic Workout Headbands

Headbands like these do more than just keep long hair from flopping down over your face during a workout.

Practical, soft, and very stylish they also stop the sweat from pouring down over your tomato-red face like a river.

The best bit about them is that they come as a pack of 10, in very cool colors.

Why is this so good? Well, at the end of a class you can whip the sweaty one off, and replace it with a fresh one for that, “Yeah, I found it kinda easy this week” sort of look.

Indoor cycling sweat wristbands

…and what do you team with awesome headbands?

Well, it’s got to be wristbands like these, hasn’t it?

12 pairs of sweatbands in a variety of colors, for wiping the sweat from all those parts that the headbands can’t manage.

Best gifts for spin class

Indoor cyclists need lots of accessories to help them get through a workout. Everything from mopping up the sweat coming out, pouring rehydrating liquid back in, all the way to dragging home the sweaty workout gear. Here are some of the best and most stylish pieces of workout kit that every spin class lover will love.

I hope this list of some of the best gifts for indoor cyclists is useful? Happy shopping!

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