Gifts For Bike Spinners (Easy Shopping Guide)

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Great gifts for indoor cyclists

I love spinning.

I mean, not at the time. At the time, in the middle of the class, lungs burning, sweat pouring, legs in agony…. I hate it with every fiber of my being. Why did I come here? Did I really think this was going to be fun?!

In the run-up to the class, I’m terrified. Will I cope this week? Will I end up in an embarrassing puddle of sweat on the floor? Like last week?

But, after the class, I love it!

You’re on a total high for hours afterwards. The endorphins are flowing. Your muscles are pumped. You’ve got a massive cheesy grin on your face. You feel alive!

Gifts for peloton riders

So, have I convinced you to give it a try…?

No? Hmm, did I lay it on a bit thick about the pre-class fear? And the in-class agony…?

Damn. Sorry.

Ok, well, there are a few accessories that can make a massive difference when you’re a spinner. Most of these are inexpensive gifts that will help ease the pain (and increase the enjoyment) of a spin class. Let’s take a look.

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Don’t forget about the gift wrapping!

If you’re anything like me, I’ll spend ages choosing the perfect gift… and then rush round at the last minute trying to find something to wrap it in.

I’m trying to be more organized, so I’m keeping a stock of the following in:

Ok, gift ideas! Let’s have a look at some great options.

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Best gifts for spin class

Let’s go through these gift ideas in detail, shall we?

Insulated Water bottle

The first thing you need to know about spinning is that it’s hot and sweaty work. Put 20 or 30 people, all powering away on their bikes, in a small gym studio and, no matter how hard the air-con is going, you definitely end up with more than a light sheen of perspiration. And that’s not just the guys.

So it’s important to keep properly hydrated and the best way to do that is with a good quality water bottle such as this.

Gym bikes tend to have a bottle holder on the handlebars and this will fit neatly, so that it’s always ready.

Look out for bottles like this one which have an easy one-handed opening/closing mechanism. The last thing you want is to have to take both hands off the handlebars to fiddle with a bottle during a high-octane workout. A guaranteed way to end up in a heap on the floor (I speak from bitter experience here…)

Gym Towel

At times during a class you feel like, as fast as you’re pouring water in, it’s all coming straight back out!

In order to maintain that cool, calm exterior during a class, it’s a good idea to have a small towel like this tucked over the handlebars.

That way you can wipe your sweaty brow quickly before that hot guy/girl looks over in your direction.

This is a great towel as it comes in three different sizes and packs away into its own handy case. So it’s really easy to pop into your gym bag.

Gym bag

Speaking of gym bags. Have a look at this one.

I do like a sports holdall that comes with lots of pockets for all my different bits and bobs, and this one has got so many I lost count!

For me, I especially like the water-resistant pockets for sweaty workout gear and stinky trainers.

4D Padded Bike shorts

As an outdoor cyclist, I’m used to wearing padded shorts whenever I head out on the bike. So I was surprised when I started going to spin classes and I found that other folk hadn’t really heard about them, and were complaining about sore butts and chafed inner thighs.

The exact problems that padded shorts are designed to alleviate.

The ones above are a great example. The outer spandex fabric goes down to just above the knee so the fabric rubs together, rather than the tender skin of your inner thighs! Also, the gel padding on the seat is great for cushioning your ‘sit bones’, which are the ones that otherwise get the most bruising on a bike ride.

I wouldn’t cycle indoors or outdoors without a pair.

Workout Tank top

This is a great workout top for ladies.

It’s semi-fitted, but flowy for good ventilation, and the material dries really quickly.

It’s also slightly longer than a standard tank, which is useful as you tend to be in a hunched-over position in a spin class and a shorter length would ride up your bike. This one hangs down nicely below the shorts line.

Looking for another post-workout tank top gift? Try this one.

Gel Padded saddle cover

For spinners who don’t like padded shorts then this is another great option.

Keep it in your gym bag and just pop it over the bike saddle before your workout, then take it off when the class is over.

Only takes 10 seconds to do and the extra padding is fab.


These are really cute and practical for spin classes.

They come in a set of 10 in different colors and are super soft and stretchy.

Plus they stop the sweat from pouring down your face during a class. Keep a dry spare in your bag for the end of class, when you can quickly swap them over for that, “yeah, I found that kinda easy” look. Shh. I won’t tell.

Wrist Sweatbands

…and for when you need something more than just a headband, team it with a pair of these highly absorbent wrist sweatbands.

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Gifts for spin class lovers

It’s always difficult choosing great gifts for people, isn’t it?

At least when they’ve got a leisure activity like spinning you’ve got a great starting point for your search. Even better when the gifts available for bike spinners are such good value for money, and can make such a massive difference to them.

Happy shopping.