Gift Ideas For Spin Instructor

Awesome Gifts For The Sadist In Your Life

I know what you’re thinking.

You think that, just because you’re going to buy them a nice gift, that they’ll start going easy on you at spin class.

I’m right, aren’t I?

Spin class gifts

Yeah, you might dress the whole gift-giving thing up in something like: “Oh, it’s Christmas and I just want to get him a little gift”, or “I’ve lost 26 Lbs with her class, and I want to get her a little thank-you gift”, or “She’s just had the cutest little baby (How did she manage that AND run a spin class at the same time??! I HATE HER!!!) and I just want to get her a lovely little thing to say congratulations and how much we all LOVE HER!”

It’s all lies though. Or at least it’s the truth with a generous frosting of lies over the top.

Because the real truth is that you just want your spin instructor to go a little easier on you.

Hoping they’ll accidentally ‘forget’ to tell you to turn your torque up? Maybe they’ll put one less sprint song on the playlist this week? Possibly they’ll even have to cut the class short so they can leave for another ‘important appointment’…?

If you’re being totally honest with yourself though, you know that it’s really not going to happen. You know that this week’s class will be just as hard work as last week’s class. You will sweat just as much as last week. Every part of your body will hurt as much as last week.

But, you know, it is lovely to give and receive gifts, isn’t it? You: pain. Your spin instructor? Possibly one of these fabby gift ideas below.

Shall we take a look?

Don’t forget about the gift wrapping!

If you’re anything like me, I’ll spend ages choosing the perfect gift… and then rush round at the last minute trying to find something to wrap it in.

This year, I’m trying to be more organized, so I’m keeping a stock of the following in:

Ok, gift ideas! Let’s have a look at some great options.

What to bring to spin class for spin instructors

Let’s take a look at all these in some more detail.

Water bottle for spin class

As you know only too well, spinning is hot and very sweaty work.

So, it’s important to keep properly hydrated and the best way to do that is with a good quality water bottle like this one. Spin instructors always seem to have a water bottle permanently fixed to their hand, ready to drink from. But, I’m willing to bet, that their current bottle has seen better days. They’ve probably had that same one, and been using it day in and day out, for years.

Maybe it’s time to get them a fresh one?

Look out for bottles like this one which have an easy one-handed opening/closing mechanism. The last thing you want is to have your instructor take both hands off the handlebars to fiddle with a bottle during a high-octane workout. A guaranteed way for them to end up in a heap on the floor (well, maybe that would be just a little bit funny…)


At times during a class you feel like, as fast as you’re pouring water in, it’s all coming straight back out! In order for your instructor to maintain that cool, calm exterior during a class, they need to have a small towel like this tucked over the handlebars. Yes, they’ve probably got one already. But I’m sure it’s threadbare and tired. And who doesn’t love a new soft towel to wipe the light sheen of perspiration off their face?

This is a great towel as it comes in three different sizes and packs away into its own handy case. So it’s really easy to pop into their gym bag.

Gym bag

Speaking of gym bags. Have a look at this one.

I do like a sports holdall that comes with lots of pockets for all my different bits and bobs, and this one has got so many I lost count! For me, I especially like the water-resistant pockets for sweaty workout gear and stinky trainers.

Wicking Tank top

This is a great workout top for ladies.

It’s semi-fitted, but flowy for good ventilation, and the material dries really quickly. It’s also slightly longer than a standard tank, which is useful as you tend to be in a hunched over position in a spin class and a shorter length would ride up your back as you pedal. There’s also a great men’s tank here.

This is a great top for spinning class because it hangs down nicely below the shorts line.

Looking for something a little more tongue-in-cheek for your instructor? Try this great post-workout t-shirt.


These are really cute and practical for spin classes.

They come in a set of 10 in different colors and are super soft and stretchy.

Plus they stop the sweat from pouring down your face during a class. This allows your instructor to keep a dry spare in their bag for the end of class, when they can quickly swap them over for that, “yeah, I found that kinda easy” look. Grrr…

Wrist Sweatbands

…and for when you need something more than just a headband?

Then make sure you team it up with a fantastic pair of these highly absorbent wrist sweatbands.

They come in a pack of 12 pairs of athletic terry cloth wristbands, ideal for wiping off the light sheen of perspiration from your forehead…


They’re often thought of as the stereotypical Christmas gift.

But actually, for spin instructors, they’re a much-needed and very practical item.

Why? Well, spin instructors spend so much time in cycling socks that their existing ones get rapidly worn and tired. So, getting a pack of new, fresh socks like these ones, is guaranteed to put a massive smile on their face.

Coffee Mug

What does your spin instructor use to get them ready for their first class of the day?

No, it’s not just the thought of inflicting pain and suffering on you and your fellow spin classmates. (well, maybe it is just a little bit)

Mainly though it’s a hot mug of joe.

And what better to drink it out of than a fab mug like this?

Stationary bike accessories for spin instructors

We do love our spin instructors really. Not at the time, obviously. But afterwards, when we have that warm rosy glow (very rosy in my case), we love them and the calories that they’ve helped us burn.

Pick one or more of these lovely little gift ideas for your spin instructor.

Maybe… just maybe…. They’ll take it a little easier on you in class next week.

You never know.

Take it easy.