Stanley Classic: a french press that keeps coffee hot

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When it comes to keeping drinks hot, Stanley knows a thing or two. They’ve spent the last 100+ years perfecting the art of making sure your hot-beverage-of-choice stays at a toasty temperature until you’re ready to take that first satisfying sip. Now they’ve taken that know-how and applied it to the humble French press, transforming it from a glass pot, that seems to lose most of its heat the instant you pour the hot water onto your coffee grounds, to a double-walled vacuum-insulated steel work of art.

The Stanley Classic Stay Hot French Press is capacious (at a massive 48 oz / 1.4 L) and will keep your brew hot for up to a lengthy 4 hours. That’s awesome news for cyclists, because it means you can prep yourself for chilly rides with a mugful of fresh coffee, then go out for your ride and return to wrap your frostbitten digits around a second (and possibly, 3rd) mug. Great for brewing coffee at home and also ideal for camping. Plus, the steel construction means there’s no risk of cracking the pot like I’ve done regularly with a glass French press.

Cleaning the French press is simple – you can dismantle all the pieces and either wash by hand or pop it in the dishwasher whilst you hit the showers. And, whilst it’s almost certainly fake news that the easy-pour ergonomic handle is coated in super glue, I do find that it’s almost permanently attached to my non-drinking hand. Weird.

Keep your coffee game on-point with Stanley’s Classic French Press.

Stanley Classic French Press

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