Cute Bike Helmets For Ladies (Buying Guide)

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Safety is important when you’re cycling, but why do bike helmets have to be so ugly?

It can be so frustrating shopping for a new bike helmet. Look around for a while and you’ll notice that most women’s bike helmets are bulky, black, and really unattractive. But it doesn’t have to be like that! It’s not difficult to design a helmet that keeps your head safe (because that’s the most important concern) AND also looks fab. They can be slimmed down so they’re not so chunky. Plus, there’s a whole rainbow of colors to choose between – from hot neons to cool pastels.

So, I’ve done some research on your behalf to track down the most stylish and cute designer bike helmets on the planet. These absolutely check the Safety box and they also check the Style box too.

Let’s take a look.

The cutest bike helmets for ladies are the Heritage range from Thousand.

Perfect for urban bike commuting and available in a series of 50’s and 60’s inspired colors. Thousand bike helmets are highly recommended

Cool bike helmets for women

Luckily for us, there are some gorgeous bike helmets available from a number of different manufacturers. Companies who’ve got a tight grip on bike safety and practical features whilst giving a firm nod to style and head shake to hideous headwear. Read on and we’ll see what the best and cutest ones are.

Thousand Heritage Bike Helmet

The Heritage range of helmets from Thousand are all absolutely gorgeous, aren’t they? My personal favorite color is this Coastal Blue one, but it’s hard to choose from the spectrum of colors that they have available.

The styling of these helmets is fantastic. Inspired by the fashions of the 50’s and 60’s these are totally different from the standard helmets you see perched on the heads of cyclists these days. Minimalist and retro-chic, these are perfect for the urban bike commuter, or for a leisurely pedal down to the beach, or the store, or… Frankly, they’re perfect for whatever kind of cycle trip you’re planning.

It’s also worth taking a closer look at some of the very thoughtful features on the Heritage helmets as it gives an insight into the kind of attention to detail that the design team at Thousand have put into these. There’s the secret PopLock for threading your bike lock through to secure your helmet. There are also the vegan leather straps, rather than the more usual woven plastic. And there’s the one-handed magnetic fastening, which I really like.

Totally stylish. Totally practical. Why wait?

Electra Lifestyle Lux Cool Cat Helmet

Electra say that they’ve been making messy hair cool since 2016 and that’s clear to see with this hot pink stylish piece of headgear. Even if you’re not a Crazy Cat Lady you’ll still be the coolest looking cyclist as you cruise along to the office/beach/wherever in this Cool Cat Helmet.

The soft pink with cat/blue aviator sunglasses detailing hides a range of features. There’s the tough ABS hardshell for safety, the soft EPS foam liner for comfort, and the surprisingly easy-to-use magnetic Fidlock strap buckle.

Are you feline cool?

Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Bike Helmet

Retrospec manufacture their CM-1 Classic Commuter Bike helmets in a range of fab colorways, but it’s the Pine wood grain that really caught my eye. In a world of bike helmets that all look virtually identical, having one that looks like it’s been carved out of a solid piece of timber will set you apart at the head of the pack.

The skater inspired helmet meets CPSC and EN 1078 safety regulations, so you need it will keep your head protected in the event of a fall. The 10 vents spread around the helmet your scalp cool and ventilated and the two sets of foam inserts and easily-adjustable straps mean that you can get the perfect secure fit.

Why wood you buy anything else?

Electra Lifestyle Lux Soft Serve Graphic Helmet

I like ice cream and I like bike helmets, so this Electra design is tough to beat.

It’s also tough and hard-wearing and will keep you safe with the ABS hardshell, foam liner, and adjustable strap.

Check out the rear view photo and you’ll see the dial mechanism that can be used to adjust the retention system around the inner edge of the helmet so that you can get the perfect snug fit.

Ice creams and bike riding often don’t go hand-in-hand – it can get messy. Unless they’re teamed up on an awesome bike helmet like this one.

Stay cool. Very cool.

Triple Eight The Certified Sweatsaver Helmet

When you’ve got an endorsement from a Pro like Tony Hawks you know you’ve got a great bike helmet.

The Certified Sweatsaver helmet is a skater style head protector and comes in a range of designs and colors. I just can’t get past the White Rainbow Sparkle though, do you know what I mean? Awesome looking this helmet is also super-practical inside with the EPS foam (the hard foam shell) fully integrated with the soft foam and plush Sweatsaver fabric. This gives high levels of protection for your head and masses of comfort.

It comes with a set of thin liners pre-installed and a set of thicker liners so that you can customize it for the perfect fit.

What color bike helmet should I get?

In an ideal world we’d all be cycling around with helmets that were neon orange with flashing lights on top, and possibly a siren bolted onto the side. Whilst a helmet like that would certainly get us noticed by our fellow road users, it’s highly unlikely that we’d either wear it or ever go out cycling again. Bike helmets, I think, should be safe, easily seen, and stylish. So, my suggestion is that you go with a helmet in a color that stands out well, but isn’t so garish that you don’t want to wear it. Blue, pink, or white-with-rainbow-stripes all look great and will help keep you safe. ‘Lamp Black’ for nighttime cycling or ‘Urban Camo’ for city bike commuting are probably best avoided.

How much should I spend on a bike helmet

You can get some great helmets from between $25 to $125. The critical thing is to make sure that the helmet you’re considering has the appropriate safety certification for the country you’re in. In the US, look for a CPSC sticker. In Europe, a sticker with EN 1078 on it. You’ll generally find these on the inside of the helmet. It should also say these in the product description if you’re buying online. My last helmet was approximately $80 and I think that’s a good ballpark price to pay.

Women’s bike helmets stylish?

It’s a shame when you see people not wearing helmets because they don’t like the look of the old one that they’ve had for years. Even worse when people choose not to even cycle because they don’t like their helmet! For way less than a hundred dollars you can pick up a fantastic bike helmet that, not only helps keeps you safe when you’re cycling, but also looks stylish and cute.

Have fun.

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