7 Cool Bicycles for Guys

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So hot, the paparazzi will be after you

You’re just waking up.

Generously, we’ll call it mid-morning. But really, it’s more like late morning or even early afternoon.

Last night was awesome. You were the life and soul of the party. The gags flowed. You owned the dancefloor. You were the coolest guy in town.

This morning?

Not so much….

…actually, not at all.

What you need is an iced coffee from that great little place down near the beach. That’ll make you feel human again.

But, how will you get there?

Our No.1 Recommendation: ONWAY Electric Cruiser Bike

Out the window you can see the smug-looking 50-somethings, wrapped in spandex, and cruising along in packs on their fancy road bikes. The triathletes are just getting back from their ‘quick spin’, draped over their aero bars, legs pumping, hair still wet from their open water swim.


What you need is a sweet ride that will restore your coolness levels to last night’s heady heights.

…and preferably a machine that will do most of the work for you, whilst you hide your bleary eyes behind a stylish pair of sunglasses.

What you need is an ebike.

These seven rides will do the trick.

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Top recommended bikes for ultimate coolness:

Let’s go into each of these in a little more detail, shall we?

Civibikes electric bicycle

Styled to look like a 1970s Café Racer vintage motorcycle, what could be more appropriate to start this list off?

I’m really struggling to decide between the three color combinations at the moment. I’m leaning towards the Platinum Gray with Red but, frankly, whichever color you prefer, this ebike will restore your cool and deliver you to the coffee shop in style.

The 750W motor give you the oomph you need to take you up any gradient and the fat tires will get you across the sand or over the snow.

This is an ebike that knows you need caffeine.

ONWAY Electric Cruiser Bike

Need something a little more relaxed for your trip? How about the Onway Electric Cruiser Bike?

Onway have come up with a great combination for this bike.

Take all the best bits of a beach cruiser: swept-back handlebars? Check. Relaxed, laidback bike geometry? Check. Fat tires? Check. Padded saddle with suspension? Check.

Then, add a 500W rear hub motor.

The result? You will literally feel like you are drifting on a summer breeze from your pit of despair all the way to the shrine to the coffee bean. Inner peace.

Antlers Lane Retro S eBike

Maybe your apartment is in downtown Rome.

If that’s the case, then we need to turn up the European styling a notch or two.

Let’s go with the Antlers Lane Retro S.

This is a vision of urban sophistication and comes in shiny stainless steel (you’ll need the sunglasses on) and real leather detailing. It demands that you ride it wearing your finest Italian 3-piece suit, hand-stitched brogues and silk pocket handkerchief.

But it rewards you with massive style points and will turn heads all the way to your much-needed caffè latte.

The 350W motor and innovative shaft-drive system will ensure everything about the journey is smooth.

Goplus Electric Mountain Bike

Possibly your route to coffee heaven is a little more mountainous than average?

If so, a great option for you is this ebike from Goplus.

Despite the branding, this bike is really a re-badged Nakto. A manufacturer that consistently gets great reviews for its ebikes.

And it’s not hard to see why with this model. It has a lightweight aluminum frame. There is suspension on both the front fork and seat post, to take out the lumps and bumps in the road. Fat tires, powerful 350W motor, responsive hydraulic disc brakes front and rear….

The list goes on. Indeed, as one reviewer notes, “it’s the most fun you can have with your pants on”.

Nuff said.

Electric Powered Ice Cream Tricycle

What, you think I’m not being serious here?

Outrageous. I feel hurt.

Let me explain why this ebike is perfect for your current situation.

Ok, firstly we’ve got lots of features that other electric bikes have got:

  • Nice, relaxed riding position.
  • Third wheel for extra stability, in case you’re feeling a little wobbly.
  • Rear pannier rack for securely storing the extra croissant you’ll be buying.
  • Comfy, over-sized saddle.

Now, let’s look at the two extra features that make the EIC-36 unique amongst ebikes.

Number 1
How many times, when you’ve been out riding your bike on a hot sunny day, have you thought: I wish I had a parasol to save my poor head from getting sunburnt…? Well, now you can have it. It’s big, it’s purple, and it will keep you nicely shaded as you travel.

Number 2
Some bikes have room on the frame for a drinks bottle. This is fine under normal conditions. But sometimes, don’t you need a little extra in the way of refreshments? Today is probably one of those days.

In that case, the 41 gallon-storage capacity of the freezer compartment will give you ample room to store a wide range of drinks and snacks. Kept at the perfect temperature to see you through the entire return journey.

You know it makes sense.

Delfast Prime EBike

Now, this is a cool bike.

Though it may be a little too fast for your requirements today.

This ebike is an absolute monster and comes with a long list of outstanding features. There’s the front and rear suspension. 750W motor that can deliver 28mph (bear in mind that this makes it a Class 3 ebike, so special rules will apply in various countries. Check locally). Front turn and automatic brake lights help keep you visible. Smart security system and GPS tracking. And on and on.

Oh, and it also has a Guinness World Record. For the greatest distance by an electric bike on a single battery charge:

A whopping 234 miles.

Which will probably bring a range of coffee shops within your reach, I’d imagine.

Elby 9-Speed Electric Bike

Phew! After that, I think we need to just take a slow, deep breath and relax a bit.

The Elby 9-speed will bring a little more chill to your morning caffeine mercy mission.

Designed for the urban environment, this German ebike is innovative and comfortable.

Its powerful motor delivers more miles through its regenerative braking system, which recharges the battery when you brake or go downhill.

The relaxed riding position and gel saddle are very welcome. And the low-step through frame is perfect, especially if you just don’t think you’re ready for swinging your leg over a high crossbar today.

Finally, the Elby will connect to your smartphone. So you can use the navigation system and avoid a wrong turn.

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Final word on Cool Bicycles for Guys

Speaking of wrong turns, it’s hard to go far wrong with any of these ebikes.

They all have great features and I’m sure you will find one or more that could be your chariot to the barista today.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go buy that hot bike and get planning your first ride!

Be cool.