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Fun bicycle bells

Back in the day, you had two options for letting pedestrians know you were approaching them at high speed from behind on your gnarly old BMX:

1. On your left cycling

The first was to shout really loudly and use some special bike hand signals.

This had one major advantage, in that it was free. Unfortunately, the disadvantage was that it would scare the life out of those pedestrians and often make them leap directly INTO your path. Cue screeching brakes and another telling off…

2. Funky bike bells

The alternative was a trusty (and probably, rusty) little handlebar-mounted bell. This you could tinkle quietly in the hope that folk would hear, and get the message, before you crashed into them.

A little bit more expensive than shouting. A little less likely to cause confusion and terror throughout the neighborhood.

…but just not very cool. You know what I mean?

Quick Answer: NEEAI Rubber Duck Light-up Bike Bell

Well, thankfully, time moves on and these days there are lots of cool bells, horns, and other weird and wonderfuls on the market that will alert pedestrians to your presence with a refined tinkle, a loud blast, and a whole range of other noises as well.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

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My Top Recommended Cool Bells For Bikes

Okay, let’s take a look at each of these cool bells in some detail.

Crane E-ne Bicycle Bell

Let’s kick things off with a classic design.

The Crane E-ne comes in four different finishes – black, copper, polished or brushed brass. It’s discreet and unobtrusive on the bike and gives a very loud ‘ding’ when you pull the lever fully back and let it rip.

Verdict = timeless good looks and a strong sound make this a great choice

Clean Motion Taco Bell

I have no idea why they would put a picture of a taco on this bell. Is there something I’m missing here? Bell? Taco? Taco? Bell?

Who knows. But anyway, simple design, loud ring, and a picture of a Mexican snack.

Verdict = nacho average bell 😉

Bicycle Hamburger Bell

If the last bell didn’t make you hungry, then this one will certainly get your stomach rumbling.

Patty, sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, all tucked inside a sesame seed bun. Ring this bell to clear a path straight through to your nearest restaurant.

Verdict = super cute design

Nutcase Retro Bicycle Bell

A good loud ring to this bell, teamed up with eight cool paint jobs. My personal favourite is ‘Birds & Bees’.

Verdict = make love not war

NEEAI Bike Lights Bell Squeeze Horns

Now you can properly re-visit your youth with this fab bike horn.

It lights up, you can squeeze it and it will let out a 45dB shriek.

Plus it’s shaped like a yellow plastic bath duck and topped in your choice of 33 different bike helmet designs. My personal favorite is the Silver Angel design.

Verdict = ticks all the boxes, and then some

Bike Party Light Up Bicycle Bell

Another great bell that also lights up.

As one reviewer says, you can never have too many lights on your bike when you’re cycling at night. With this, you can alert pedestrians with sound AND light.

Take a look at the video here

Verdict = Looks great. Sounds great

KidsTech Bicycle Police Siren

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A cop? Then you’re in luck!

I suspect nothing will get other road users out of the way faster than when you cruise up behind them with your siren on full and your lights flashing.

Verdict = this one is on my Most Wanted List

Miyawell Mountain Bike Bell

This bell is quite different from most other bells where you pull a lever or press a button to make them sound.

With the Timber! the bell will sound constantly as you’re moving along.

No need to remember to activate it and pedestrians will hear you coming a long way off.

Great for twisty shared-use trails where walkers may be just round the corner out of sight (but not hearing).

It also comes with a lock switch so that you can turn it off.

Verdict = great for MTB trails and multi-use paths

Mini Hornit Bike Horn and Light

A great front light and bike horn all rolled into one and previously featured on TV’s Dragons’ Den.

Try out all the sounds until you find the one that works best on unwary pedestrians.

In my more mature moments, I’d probably go for the Elephant. At all other times, I would definitely go for the BurpFart.

See it in action here

Verdict = lots of fun to be had with this one. A whoopee cushion on two wheels

Delta Cycle Airzound Bike Air Horn

Sometimes you’ve just gotta go loud, haven’t you?

“Ding dongs” are great. “Tinkles” are useful. But when you really need a loud noise, you’ve gotta bring out the big guns.

This air horn from Delta Cycle certainly fits the bill.

Pump it up with a standard bike pump and you’re good to go – no need for batteries. It’s been described like a goose honking…. Loudly…. And if that doesn’t let folk know you’re there nothing will.

Verdict = useful for alerting both humans and geese

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Do I need a bell on my bike?

Reading through this list I’m wondering whether I have to limit myself to one bell for my bike.

Maybe I could go wild and get a bell on the left, a horn on the right, and a flashing police-style light in the center…?

Hmm, food for thought.

Stay Loud.