Christmas Gift Ideas For Bicycle Enthusiasts (Revealed)

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It can be tricky to work out what to get folk for Christmas, can’t it?

I remember as a child (aged about 6) being bought a multipack of mini bottles of ‘Snowball’ every year by some elderly relatives. Whilst this may have been sort of Christmas-related, being a cocktail that contained brandy, it probably wasn’t the most appropriate gift for a 6-year old.

Thankfully it was always whisked away instantly by my parents (with grins on their faces) and I never saw the bottles again.

So, if you’re on the hunt for Christmas gifts for a tricky recipient, then I feel your pain. But luckily, because you know they like cycling, then you’ve come to the right place. Bike enthusiasts are easy to buy gifts for. They need plenty of kit to go cycling with, and they always love new kit. Plus, they love to tell people about their cycling when they’re off the bike, so are always grateful for useful conversation-starters.

I’ve done some research into the best Christmas gifts you can buy for different budget amounts. These are all things that bike riders love and will find very useful. Shall we have a look?

Cyclist Joke Presents?

Before we go on, I just want to highlight an amusing gift idea that I found in my research. These might not be appropriate for every cyclist (and they’re probably more suited to men than women!) but they might just be the perfect gift for the cyclist who is game for a laugh. If you’re struggling to pick a color, then I’d suggest the blue option. It can get fairly chilly when you’re pedaling along in the wintertime….

On a very practical note, these are a great aid for road safety as they’re sure to get the lucky recipient noticed by other road users on gloomy days. 😉

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Christmas Presents For Bike Riders

Okay, let’s take a look at some of the great Christmas gifts for bicyclists.

Gifts for cyclists under $10

2021 Bicycle Daily Planner
A daily planner like this makes a great stocking filler for cyclists.

It’s very useful for them as they can keep track of the bike rides they’ve done (plus other less important things like birthdays, business meetings, etc).

It also makes an ideal conversation-starter for them: “Oh, yes, that’s my bike diary. Yes, I do like to ride bikes. Did I tell you about the time when I was out cycling and I…

WOTOW 16 in 1 Bike Repair Tool Set
Cyclists love gadgets and tools and this is a fantastic set from WOTOW.

It’s got a stack of tools folded up in a Swiss-army-knife style, all of which are in the most useful sizes for bikes. Plus it comes with ready-glued inner tube repair patches, tire levers, and a handy storage case. You don’t often see a set like this one at such a keen price.

Gifts for cyclists under $20

Co2 Tire Inflator Kit; Fits Presta & Schrader Valves
If you’ve owned a bike of your own, then you’ll be well aware of the arm pain that you get from pumping up bicycle tires with a standard pump. Sometimes I wonder whether it would actually be easier to blow air into them from your mouth, rather than use some of the basic pumps.

Not many folks know about CO2 tire inflators like these, but they’re amazing.

A canister can blow up 1 or 2 tires in a matter of seconds and replacement canisters are cheap to pick up online. The whole kit packs up really small and is super light so it’s a very portable gift that will undoubtedly be appreciated.

USB Super Bright Rechargeable Bike Light Set
As a child, I’d go through so many batteries for my bike lights. But even when I had fresh batteries the lights never seemed to provide much of a glow. That’s all changed now with bike lights that are super-bright like these as they have rechargeable batteries that you just charge up with a USB cable like your phone. I don’t think you can ever have too many bike lights when you’re a bike rider and these will certainly let other people on the roads know you’re there.

Gifts for cyclists under $50

CAT EYE Urban Wireless Bike Computer
If there’s one thing that bike riders get a kick out of more than anything, it’s knowing how far they’ve gone and how fast (so they can log it in their 2020 planner!).

This fantastic bike computer from Cat Eye has all the features they’ll ever want in a large LCD display.

It’s probably pretty difficult for them to justify buying one of these for themselves, but if you bought it for them…

Monkey Light Ultra-Durable Full Color Bike Wheel Lights
How awesome are these?! Forget those naff bike tire reflectors that you stick onto your spokes (and then they promptly fall off). These are super-bright LEDs that fix to your wheels and can switch between 19 different full-color themes (my fave is the Space Invaders setting).

Sure, you could argue that these are a very practical way of telling other road users that you’re there…but, really, they’re just the most amazing cool cycling accessory that every bike rider will be drooling over.

Gifts for cyclists under $100

Bikehand Home Portable Bike Repair Stand
I know a lot of folks that cycle, and I know that most of them do their bike maintenance with their bike on the ground (and them hunched over it) or on the dining table (with their Significant Other glaring at them).

That used to be me. That was until I got a bike repair stand like this. They’re fantastic as they allow you to hold your bike up in the air at a height that is comfortable to work at.

They grip the bike frame really firmly as well, so it’s very easy to do all your maintenance and you can work around the bike from any angle easily. The biggest bonus? No more scratches on the dining table. I speak from bitter experience…

Sportneer Bike Exercise Magnetic Stand with Noise Reduction Wheel
Cycling is a great form of exercise in the Spring, Summer, and Autumn. But, in the Winter? Hmm, grey skies, icy rain, and deep snow make it a whole lot less fun.

That’s when a cool product like this is ideal. An exercise stand like this allows them to easily mount their bike and turn it into a stationary bike. That way they can pedal away indoors. Maybe whilst watching re-runs of the Tour de France.

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Best Christmas Gift For Cyclist

It can be fairly tricky to choose the right Christmas gift at the right budget for someone that you don’t really know. Luckily, if you know one of their leisure pastimes or hobbies, then it makes it a lot simpler. Christmas is a busy enough time of the year as it is, without having extra stress and worry.

I hope my research into the best bike gifts is useful? These are all fantastic gifts that any keen bike rider will really love to receive on Christmas day.

Merry Christmas!

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