Cycling Safety

In our Cycling Safety series of posts we're building on some of the foundational knowledge that we looked at in Cycling Basics by exploring in more detail the gear, skills, and know-how you need to keep riding safely and in one piece.

The best way to ensure a safe and enjoyable bike ride is to prepare.

Prepare by having the right gear (think: helmet, lights, etc).

Prepare by knowing how to ride and where to ride in a variety of different situations and conditions (think: winter commuting through busy city streets).

Prepare by realizing that, even with the best laid plan, it's all going to go wrong at the first turn of the crank, and you need to know how to react and move forwards (think: road traffic accidents, dealing with road rage, etc).

So, we'll be keeping you cycling safely with our posts on:

Helmet Safety: Explanation of why wearing a bike helmet is important, how to choose a quality cycling helmet, and how to wear it correctly for maximum safety.

Bike Lights and Visibility: One of the most effective ways to avoid trouble on the roads is to be seen from as far away as possible. Make sure this happens by riding with fully-charged front and rear bike lights, plus bright and/or reflective cycling apparel. This is an essential for riding in low light or at night and we'd recommend that you keep this habit throughout the day too.

Safe Cycling Techniques in Traffic: Detailed guide on how to ride safely on busy streets, including tips on signaling, observing traffic rules, and navigating intersections. It's good practice to ride predictably (i.e. don't make sudden swerving movements) and also to clearly show other road users what you plan to do. Keep a good road position, maintain awareness of what's happening all around you, and communicate your intentions.

Cycling Safety for Kids: Special considerations and tips for ensuring the safety of kids while cycling, whether heading to school or off on a family cycling adventure.

Bike Maintenance for Safety: Explanation of essential bike maintenance tasks to ensure safety, such as checking brakes, tires, and gears.

Mountain Bike Safety: Special safety considerations for mountain biking, including trail etiquette, gear, and handling techniques. When cycling in the backcountry it's particularly important to be aware of and respect local wildlife.

Cycling Safety Gear: Overview of essential safety gear for cyclists beyond helmets, lights and reflective clothing. This includes items such as gloves, sunglasses, and mirrors. For mountain biking and trail riding, this can also include gear like knee and elbow pads. Oh, and don't forget the chamois cream.

Weather and Cycling Safety: Whilst we'd all ideally like to cycle in Cinderella warmth (not too hot, not too cold), with no wind and no rain...most people will experience conditions that vary from this now and again. Some areas will have more than their fair share of these challenging extremes. So, we'll explore tips for safely cycling in various weather, including rain, wind, and extreme heat or cold.

Group Cycling Safety: Group Riding has many advantages, however cycling in a tight formation is harder than it looks and requires practice and clear communication. Riding in a group that's strung out over a significant distance also has its challenges. We'll look at some guidelines and best practices for safely cycling in a group.

Safe Bike Storage and Locking: Bike theft is no fun at all. Here are some tips on how to securely lock and store your bike to prevent your pride and joy being stolen or damaged.

Safe Cycling Routes: Guidance on how to plan and choose safe cycling routes through urban areas and also out into the wilderness.

First Aid for Cyclists: Essential first aid knowledge and skills for cyclists, including how to handle common cycling injuries and what 1st aid kit to pack.

Cycling Safety for Seniors: Safety tips specifically for older adults who cycle, including choosing the right bike (ebikes or trikes can be a huge benefit to senior riders), useful accessories (such as adult training wheels to help with balance issues) and avoiding common hazards.

Handling Cycling Accidents: Guide on what to do in the event of a cycling accident, from immediate steps to longer-term recovery.

Night Cycling Safety: Become a fearless night rider with our detailed guide on precautions and strategies for safely cycling at night.

Riding Safely Near Large Vehicles: Tips for safely cycling near large vehicles like buses and trucks while cycling.

Cycling Safely with Earphones: Our default position is that we'd always recommend cycling without earphones or headphones. It's safer and you get to hear the birds tweeting. In many countries and states, it's actually illegal to wear them whilst riding. We look at the risks of using earphones when cycling and the alternatives.

Preventing Common Cycling Injuries: Cycling, like many sports, carries a degree of risk. Injuries will happen. So we'll take a look at the most common cycling injuries, how to prevent them, and how to get back into cycling after injury.

Bike Safety Checks: A pre-ride safety check should take no more than a few minutes but can save you time, money, and reduce the risk of an accident. We go through a simple checklist of bike safety to perform before each ride.

Safe Cycling During Pregnancy: Guide on the safety considerations for pregnant women who wish to continue cycling. Can you ride in your first trimester? Your second? What about cycling in your third trimester?

Riding Safely on Multi-Use Paths: Shared paths are fantastic, but they only work if everyone who uses them does so in a safe manner. Here are some guidelines for safely sharing multi-use paths with pedestrians and other users.

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