Birthday Gifts For Bike Lovers (Bicycle Gifts Ideas)

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Gift for cyclist who has everything

As a cyclist, I have, over the years, been bought many biking gifts.

I’ve also bought lots of bike gifts for other people. Some of them have been for cycling friends of mine. With others, I’ve been buying on behalf of friends and family. They’ve been searching for a gift for someone… they know that the person loves cycling… they know that I like cycling… they put two and two together… and suddenly I’m either being interrogated for gift ideas. Or I’m sent out, with cash and a deadline, to go and buy the gift myself.

So, if you’re looking for a gift for a bike lover… then I know what you’re going through.

But also, because I’m a cyclist, and I’ve bought lots of bike gifts, then I think I can help you out.

Here’s the quick answer: CRANKBROTHERs Bike Multi-Tool

You see, I know what cyclists like, and I know what they don’t like. I know what they’ll actually use, and I know what they’ll stick in a closet and never look at again.

I also know where the best bargains are to avoid having to pay over-the-odds for a bike ‘thing’, when that same identical ‘thing’ is available somewhere else for much less.

I’ve pulled together a list of some bike gifts that are great for birthdays, with a specific recommendation for each one. Hopefully this will make the gift hunt less stressful and more fun.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

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Things every cyclist needs

Okay, let’s take a look at each of these gift ideas in detail.

Clip-on Bike Fender / Mudguard

I really like bike fenders, but they don’t seem to like me.

I’ve bought lots of them over the years, but then lost them all when I’ve had the bike on the back of the car and they’ve come off in the wind.

This Ass-Saver from Sweden, which has such an awesome name, is also very practical. It keeps the water and muck from spraying up from your bike wheel and splattering on your bike shorts and back.

But you only need to keep it on your bike when there’s wet weather. It takes seconds to fit it into place on the underside of the saddle. Then you can, just as easily, take it off when you don’t need it. Great design and a great gift.

Combination bike lock

I like my bike. When I leave it outside the store, or restaurant, when I stop for a snack, I really like to know that it will be there when I get back.

I used to just ‘hope for the best’, but somehow I don’t think petty thieves will respect that. Now I have this bike lock to keep my pride and joy safe.

It’s a great lock. Very strong and it has a combination lock, so there’s no key to misplace.

And the best feature is that it coils up when not being used so you can store it on your bike with the mounting bracket that’s included. That’s really useful because it means you can just leave it attached to the bike all the time and there’s no need to have to remember it when you set off for a bike ride.

Bike Computer

Cyclists always want to know how far they’ve gone, how fast they’re going now and what their overall speed is. This little bike computer does all that and more.

I’ve had one of these computers for ages and it is great. Easy to set up and use (always a bonus for me). Small and light, so it doesn’t add to the weight of the bike.

A great choice for intermediate cyclists who want lots of stats, but without the hefty price tag of some of the top-end bike computers.

USB Rechargeable Super Bright Bike Light Set

As a kid, I always remember the pain of bike lights. They always had massive batteries, which never seemed to last more than 5 minutes. And, even when they were fresh, the light that you got from them would hardly light up the road right in front of you.

Times change, thankfully! Now we have bike light sets like this one.

Super bright LED lights, which illuminate the trails way off into the distance. And the best thing is that they now have USB rechargeable batteries installed. So you can plug them into a wall socket, charge them up and away you go.

The lights also take about 10 seconds each to fit. Which is another massive benefit over the bike lights of my youth. They always seemed to take half a toolbox to install.

Bike multi-tool

First up, we have something that all bike owners should have and lots of them don’t.

A multitool like this one is an essential when you go out for a bike ride. Lots of times you’ll need to make minor adjustments when you’re out. Tightening the brakes. Lifting the saddle. Adjusting a screw.

This tool does all of that (and more). Plus it’s very small and light, so it’s ideal to pop in a pocket or saddlebag.

Every cyclist needs one of these in their kit.

Insulated Bike water bottle

Do you know what one of my biggest pet hates on a bike ride is?

When I’m out for the day, especially when it’s hot and sunny, I get thirsty. What do I want when I’m thirsty? A nice cool drink. What do I normally get when I grab my drinks bottle and take a swig? Well, generally it’s a lukewarm mouthful of water, which does nothing to quench my thirst.

This CamelBak bottle is great because it has a double-wall construction which keeps drinks chilled for longer. It comes in a range of colors and two different sizes (both of which suit all bike bottle holders).

A refreshing gift!

Novelty Bike Taillights

Ok, let’s finish with something that’s a bit more on the ‘Novelty’ end of the spectrum.

This is probably best suited to a recipient who you know well and has a good sense of humor. Oh, and not to be sexist here, but it’s probably one for the gents… 18yrs+…

That being said, this is actually a very practical gift. Having any kind of illumination on a bike is always a good idea so that other road users can see you. The more the better, as well. Having lights front and bike is great. And having them in an unusual shape? Well, that’s a fantastic idea because unusual and unexpected shapes will draw people’s attention faster.

My favorite color? That would be the blue light. I tend to feel quite chilly when out on a bike ride…

These are guaranteed to get people’s attention.

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Gifts for cyclist dad and cycling gifts for her

Buying birthday gifts for friends and family should be lots of fun. Imagining the smiles on their faces as they open the gift wrap. Picturing the delight as they use the gift when they’re out on their bike.

Sadly, most of the time the experience couldn’t be much more different. We spend hours hiking around the stores, with no idea what to buy. Trying to make the budget we have to spend fit with a gift that the birthday girl or boy will love and find really useful.

I hope that this list makes the process a bit easier for you and I hope that at least one of the gift ideas will be perfect.

Happy shopping.