Biking Capris With Padding (Definitive List)

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Ladies padded bike pants

Bike saddles are not exactly the most comfortable things in the world, are they?

Go for any decent length of cycle ride in a standard pair of non-padded shorts or trousers and you might end up feeling like you’ve been sat on a spiky cactus all day long.

Chafing, swollen lumps, irritation, all problems that regular cyclists experience (although don’t necessarily want to talk about in public).

Luckily there are plenty of options to take away the soreness and let you enjoy the pleasure of cycling. I’ve talked about a few of them in other articles: casual style padded bike shorts, different saddle styles, soothing and lubricating chamois creams, and female-specific solutions.

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Padded capri bike pants

Today, we’re going to take a look at capri pants for cycling that have padding in the seat area.

Quick Answer: 4ucycling Padded ¾ Cycling Tights

Bike capri pants are similar in style to standard bike shorts. They tend to be form-fitting and made from a combination of polyester, spandex, and lycra. They will normally cover the legs to somewhere below the knee or upper to mid-calf.

They can be particularly useful if you have knee issues as they can offer some compression and support in this area. They also help protect the thigh, knee and calf muscles and tendons in cold weather. Also, and this may not be an issue for you (but it is for me!) they’re great if your knees are on the knobbly side.

I’ve pulled together a list of some of the best female bike capri pants with padding. Pick the style that you like the best. Buy a pair. Pop them on. Then head out for a cycle, when you definitely won’t have to see my (thankfully, covered-up) knobbly knees.

Let’s take a look, shall we? (pants, not knees)

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My Top Recommendations

Okay, let’s take a look at these padded capri pants in detail.

CANARI Women’s Heather Gel Capri Pants

These capri pants from Canari are a classic. They come in three different color combos and stretch down below the knee to mid-calf.

They have flat stitched seams, so you won’t have any rubbing on your skin. They also have a high, elasticated waist, which means that they won’t keep riding down as you’re riding along. A problem that can often happen when cycling with low-waisted non-cycling shorts.

A great choice for bringing some bright sunny color to a cold winter’s bike ride.

AERO|TECH|DESIGNS Women’s Cycling Padded Capri

Aero Tech Designs always make a fantastic range of cycling gear and these capri pants are no exception.

They’re made in a very soft stretch fabric and stitched with flat seams (so no chance of rubbing). They go down to mid-calf, so keep your thighs and knees warm and safe. Plus they’re made in the USA.

Great choice.

Dinamik Women’s Cycling Extra Padded Half Pants

These capri pants are high-waisted so won’t ride down (and give a little help to keep the tummy in check!). They also go down to mid-calf.

One color choice – black (with some subtle detailing) – but, hey, if it was good enough for Henry Ford…

They also come in a wide range of sizes from XS up to 3XL / XXXL. So are great if you’re using cycling to kickstart getting into shape.

Baleaf Women’s 3D Padded Cycling Tights

Fantastic capri pants from Baleaf, and what a great price!

These come in black with extra color detail. They also have reflective elements for better visibility – you want to be seen in pants that look this good!

Plus a zippered back pocket to store any essentials that you need to carry on your bike ride.

Santic Women’s Padded Bicycle Capris

One of two recommendations on this list from Santic. These are a great price and come with everything you’d expect, including stretch fabric, seat padding, and reflective detailing.

One nice feature is the mesh panels at the back of the knee area. Useful as this spot can otherwise get sweaty and uncomfortable when riding in warmer weather.

A detail that I thought I’d highlight on these (which is common to most cycling capri pants) is the bottom of each leg where they have an anti-slip rubberized texture stitched in. This stops the pants from riding up as you turn the pedals whilst cycling. A benefit over non-cycling capris, which you can end up having to stop and yank them back down your calves – not ideal.

4ucycling Premium 3D Padded ¾ Cycling Tights

These are unbelievable value for money and look at the number of positive reviews on Amazon!

A wide range of color options. High-waisted cut, so they won’t fall down when you’re cycling.

Great padding on the seat. Great fit, with reviewers feeling that the sizing was true.

These are my top recommendation for padded capri pants, and it’s not hard to see why.

Pearl Izumi Ride Women’s Launch Capri Pant

The Ride capri pants from Pearl Izumi are an ideal choice if you’re looking for bikewear that is a little looser and not tight-fitting.

These shorts have two zippered pockets and a zip fly, plus Velcro adjustment on the waist. They’re also loose round the knee, which can be beneficial if you don’t like tight-fitting garments on your knee joints.

One thing they don’t have is padding. That’s easily fixed by teaming them up with a pair of padded underwear, like these.

Santic Women’s Padded Bike Cycling Tights

Not strictly capri length, but these cycling tights from Santic are awesome. If you’ve looked through the rest of the list and thought, “maybe I’d like the pants to fit down to the bottom of my calves”. Then these are the cycling tights for you.

Three designs with beautiful detailing. Padding to the seat and with that stretch fabric keeping you warm in chilly weather, these tights are great. Add in the zippers at calf height and these tights are a fantastic option for comfy winter riding.

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Final word on biking capris with padding

Many female cyclists swear by padded capri pants. They’re great for winter cycling, keeping your legs much warmer and protecting your ligaments and muscles from the cold. They’re also fantastic if you suffer from that dreaded condition, knobbly-knee-itis. Though that may be unique to me….

Anyway, grab a pair of your favorite padded capris and head out for a cycle.

Have fun.