Bike Wrapping Bag Birthday (Easy Solutions)

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Do it right with these great options

Gift wrapping something the size and shape of a bike is a tricky business.

I remember, as a kid, getting a bike for my birthday. My folks had spent their hard-earned cash buying this amazing sparkly bike for their pre-teen son. And their son? Well, he was a little disappointed that the only wrapping they’d managed to muster up was a (very) small gift wrap bow stuck on the saddle.

I know, I know. Ungrateful little pest.

But, you know, it kinda took the magic away when you could see what your gift was without having to unwrap it. Well, apart from the saddle, obviously…

You’ve got a number of choices when it comes to gift wrapping a bike:

1. Use every scrap of wrapping paper in the house (and possibly, neighbourhood), tape it all together, and wrestle the bike into it like it’s hiding under a patchwork quilt

2. Spend 15+ hours wrapping each and every part of the bike separately in gift wrap. Have a look here to see how painful that is. Pros – the recipient will know how much effort you put into the wrapping. Cons – it will take the recipient around 15+ hours to unwrap and they will end up hating you for it

3. Admit defeat, turn off all the lights, and ask the lucky birthday girl or boy to close their eyes and hold out their hands. At which point you pass over the completely unwrapped bike

4. Do it properly. Get an actual bike gift bag that’s really designed for the job. Present it to the lucky gift recipient. Stand back as they open it, with tears in their eyes, and wait for their adoring hugs and endless gratitude

Let’s take a look at Option 4, shall we?

Here’s the quick answer: Puroma Waterproof Bicycle Cover

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Things to consider in gift wrapping a birthday bike

Bike Size

Clearly, bikes come in a range of different sizes. So the wrapping you choose will need to be sized to suit. If you’re wrapping a small balance bike like this you’ll be able to get away with a smaller gift bag than for this bike

Wrapping Material

You’ve got a number of different choices here, depending on your requirements. Paper or light plastic is the traditional option. Or even something more durable that will last long after their birthday. Actually, this one’s my personal choice. I’ll talk more about it in a moment, but what we’re looking at here is a bike storage bag.


There’s a Spectrum Of Reusability when it comes to bike gift wrapping. At the one end you’ve got paper and light plastic (no matter how careful the birthday girl/boy is, they’re going to be excited, and it’s going to get shredded, with no chance of re-using it), through to the bike storage bag or tent, which should last for a long time.

Luxury touches

Remember the sparkly bow perched on my birthday bike saddle? Okay, so by itself, this is a little, um, minimalist. But in combination with the wrapping it can really transform a gift from being, “oh, thanks for the bike, that’s nice” to “OH MY GOD, I AM SO EXCITED AND SO HAPPY, YOU HAVE TOTALLY MADE MY DAY AND, IN FACT, TRANSFORMED MY LIFE. I’M GOING TO CYCLE EVERYWHERE ON MY NEW BIKE FOREVER. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU”

Even with that many capital letters, I think we’re shooting for the second one, yeah?

So, along with the main gift wrap, you’ll also need the following:

1. Sparkly gift wrap bows

2. Curling ribbon

3. Gift tags

4. Scotch tape

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Recommended Birthday Bike Wrapping Recommendations

Let’s go through each of these in detail, shall we?

Jumbo plastic wrap bag

This plastic wrap bag is a great one-time option. Made by American Greetings, it’s available in 3 different birthday designs.

And it’s massive!

If you’ve got a smaller bike to wrap, then try this bag. Small, cute, and a bargain price.

Heavy duty folding carrying case

Moving on to the first of three reusable gift wrap options.

This is a heavy-duty case designed for storage and transport of a bike. A very practical option that’s useful if you might need to ship the bike in future. Again, it also disguises the shape of the bike.

Fitted outdoor storage cover

This is my personal favorite option.

It’s a storage cover designed for covering and protecting your bike outside from the rain, the sun, and prying eyes.

It packs up into a small pouch when it’s not being used. And look at the price! Not much more than the plastic gift wrap bag and so much more durable. Love it.

Bike/Garden Storage Tent

A similar option to the storage cover, but this comes with some useful extra features.

Really an extra outdoor dry storage unit, this will take a bike and lots of other bulky items. Ideal if you don’t have a garage (or it’s full of junk like mine is).

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Final word on gift wrapping a birthday bike

Gift wrapping a bike is harder (and bigger) than dealing with the elephant in the room. But sometimes you just have to do these things. And then you’ve just got to do them right.

Get the bag, and the extra luxury touches, and you’ll make sure you get those grateful hugs.

Have fun.