What Are The Best Bike Racks For Chevy Traverse? (Answered)

If you’re on the hunt for a cycle carrier for your Traverse, then I can feel the pain and suffering that you’ll no doubt be experiencing.

There are, at the last count, approximately 26 Billion different bike racks available just for the Traverse. Not only that, but they are all apparently the best thing to grace the exterior of, not only a Traverse, but any kind of Chevy, SUV, or motorized vehicle.


Expect we know that that’s not the case, don’t we? We know that there are lots of bike racks out there that are (a) no good at all and anyway are (b) no good for our Chevy.

So, how do you find the perfect match for your Traverse?

Well, I’ve done some research for you to track down the bike racks that ARE right for your Chevy Traverse. I’ve written up my reviews of these below, categorized by how many bicycles you need to fit and where you want to put the rack on your car.

These are all bike carriers that get fantastic feedback from real buyers, so we know that they’re great racks.

Let’s dive in and take a look at them now.

The bike rack I recommend for your Chevy Traverse is the Allen Sports Hitch Rack

Sturdy, easy to use, and locks securely to the hitch. A great value bike rack for your car

What are the location choices for bike racks?

If you’ve already started your search, then you’ll have seen that there are 4 places where you can realistically stash bicycles on or in a Traverse. Two of these are, in my own personal and very humble opinion, awful. The other two locations are superb.

The fab (and not so fab) four are:

  • Just hurled into the trunk
  • Gingerly placed on the roof
  • Carefully stowed on the hitch
  • Safely secured to the trunk lid

As you may have guessed from my wording there, I’m not the biggest fan of inside the trunk or (especially) up on top. Both of these probably needs a little more explanation.

Trunk space:
Putting bikes inside the trunk itself can have two big issues. Firstly, you’ll take up most of the available luggage space in your Traverse. This will lead to complaints from family members who really, really have to take 20 pairs of shoes with them on vacation…

Secondly, bikes in trunks will inevitably lead to damage to bikes and trunks. Either that or you’ll need to dismantle the bikes to fit them in and end up leaving important bits back home.

Up on top:
Just not a fan of this option. Too much opportunity to drop the bikes on your car or your head as you’re loading and unloading them. Sure, they seem like a good idea in theory. But, in practice, they’re a quick trip to the Emergency Ward waiting to happen.

They’re also not good news for fuel-efficiency. Bikes on top will almost double the car’s ‘footprint’ as it heads into the wind. This will dramatically reduce its aerodynamicity (which may, or may not, be an actual word, but I like it). Adding to your gas bills. Contrast this with putting bikes on the rear, which has minimal impact on the aerodynamics.

So, these aren’t solutions that I’d recommend for your Chevy. I do, however, endorse the other two. These being, a trunk lid rack and a hitch rack. Let’s take a look at the details of each of these.

Recommended hitch racks for your Traverse

A hitch-mount rack is a great option for your Traverse if you have a receiver already fitted (or if you’re considering one).

This rack from long-standing manufacturer, Allen Sports, is a great quality piece of kit that gets rave reviews from users.

The company has been producing racks for bicycles for over half a century, ever since founder Dick Allen (a former physicist on the Apollo program) decided he’d had enough of tying bikes on his car with bits of twine!

Because of this long history, Allen Sports has the knowledge and experience to make great racks that get awesome feedback.

No matter whether you have 2, 3, 4, or 5 bikes, they’ve got the hitch rack for your Chevy. You can see their range here:

2-bike hitch rack

3-bike hitch rack

4-bike hitch rack

5-bike hitch rack

When you take a look at the racks on Amazon (using the links above) you’ll notice that each has a few variations. My suggestion? Well, I’d go with the ‘Deluxe Locking’ model for every size of rack. This one gives the facility to secure the rack onto your hitch and comes with a pair of keys (in case one gets lost). Great value.

The carriers will take bikes weighing 35 lbs apiece. The 2-bike therefore is good for 70 lbs and, similarly, the 5-bike will take 175 lbs.

People often ask me how they can fit a bike that doesn’t have the standard straight (i.e. horizontal) crossbar onto a hanging rack like this. This applies to many bikes such as BMXs, some mountain bikes, low-step or step-through, as well as the traditional women’s bike. So, actually, a horizontal crossbar isn’t particularly ‘standard’!

Anyway, thankfully the answer to this one is straightforward. What you need is a crossbar adaptor. These take the place of the horizontal bar – locking on between the handlebar stem and seat post. They enable you to hook these ‘non-standard’ bikes on to racks just like regular bikes. Allen Sports produce a great one which is easy fitting and great value.

Two of the main reasons why I think hitch-mount carriers are so good are (1) the fact that the central post pivots, and (2) their low height off the pavement.

The pivoting central post is a bonus for when you’ve loaded the trunk, fitted the rack, hooked on the bikes, and…someone decides that they need to put something extra inside the trunk. Instead of demonstrating all the cuss words you know (and removing the bikes and rack) the Allen Sports rack allows you to simply swing bikes and rack down away from the car. This enables you to access the trunk space without removing bikes or uttering cuss words.

The low height off the pavement is a benefit that I think is often overlooked with bike carriers. Simply put, lifting a 35 lb bike up onto a rack like this is a lot easier (and safer) than hoisting it up over your head and onto a roof rack.

Want more? Ah, you’re so demanding! Ok, well how about the lifetime warranty that Allen Sports offers? Yeah, thought so. Check out the details on Amazon with the link below.

Recommended bike carriers for the trunk lid of your Traverse

If there were design awards handed out for bike racks (and, why aren’t there?) then it’s likely that the Saris would sweep the board.

The Saris Ex Bones is stylish and looks rather like a giant alien insect trying to mate with your trunk lid. But, it’s under the hood (so to speak) where things get really interesting.

Based in Madison WI, Saris is a US company who manufactures a broad array of awesome bicycle carriers and other bike gear. When you don’t have a hitch receiver (and don’t want one) on your Chevy, then the Saris Ex Bones is my recommended rack for you.

Practical and good-looking, the Ex Bones secures easily on the trunk with web straps and sturdy metal hooks. Side note, I like to add an extra layer of protection between hooks and car with these useful scratch protectors. The rack will carry 1,2, or 3 bicycles (each of up to 35 lbs), and these are racked securely with a three-point ratchet system. No swaying. No wobbling.

Look at the top of the rack and you’ll notice they have a dogleg shape to them. What’s this for? Well, it’s there so that the rack will fit around the spoiler that you have on a Traverse.

Another, plus point is that the arm which holds the bikes is curved. This allows each bicycle to be set at a slightly higher or lower height to the one next to it. That’s great because it means that corresponding bits of bike (such as handlebar grips or pedals) won’t butt up to one another and cause damage.

Final word on bike racks for your Traverse

Hitch mount or no hitch mount, there are plenty of choices for carrying your bikes on your Traverse. Don’t run the risk of damaging you, your bikes, or your car by putting bikes in your trunk or on the roof. Instead, choose one of these great options above.

Have fun and enjoy the ride.

**Please note that our reviews are based on customer reviews, star ratings, and online complaints. Therefore, Bicycle Volt are in no way liable**