Bicycles With Training Wheels For Adults (Learn To Cycle Now)

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Bike stabilizer wheels for adults

For many people, the thought of balancing on two narrow black rubber wheels, whilst pedaling along a busy road, can be very daunting indeed.

There are lots of reasons why balance can be tricky: inner ear problems, generally being out of practice or carrying extra weight either on yourself or on the bike. Whatever the reason, don’t despair! There are some great easy solutions available that can get you cycling with confidence in no time at all.

I’ve done some research to track down the best sturdy training wheels on the market today. Let’s saddle up and take a look at them.

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Adaptive training wheels

When you start looking into bike training wheels for adults it can be very confusing as there’s such a variety to choose from. In my research, I’ve narrowed these down to the best-rated adult training wheels, according to the product features and customer reviews. Choose your favorite set of training wheels, then add them on to one of these great bikes for beginner cyclists…then, away you go!

Let’s take an in-depth look at these now.

Heavy Duty Adjustable Training Wheels for 24” and 26” Bicycles

These training wheels are a great set for riders who are needing just a little extra support to get them going.

They attach to either side of the rear axle and work for bikes with or without derailleur gears. They are adjustable to suit bikes of between 20” and 26”, so will suit most adult-sized bicycles. As one reviewer says, these are “good, sturdy, heavy-duty wheels” that “ride smoothly”.

CyclingDeal Adjustable Adult Bike Stabilizers

A high-quality set of training wheels from CyclingDeal. These stabilizers will fit bikes of between 20″ to 29″, and even 700c bikes – which really does cover the full range of adult bike sizing, and also extends to older child sizing.

The wheels attach to the bike frame, so there’s no chance of them interfering with derailleur gears. They can be used for riders of up to 120 kg or 265 lbs, which is great news as well. Finally, take a look at the picture of the tires and you’ll see how rugged these are. Good for smooth pavements and also happy keeping you balanced on rougher terrain.

Bike USA Stabilizer Wheel Kit

A super heavy duty set of trainer wheels for adults from Bike USA.

First up, these wheels fit onto the bike frame so you can use them with bikes that have gears (or not). They’ll also fit most bikes with 24” to 27” tires.

Speaking of tires, they have the biggest tires that I’ve seen on adult trainer wheels – a whopping 16”! What that gives is a smoother ride, so it’s great news. The wide frame of the trainer wheels is also great – check out the pictures as you’ll see that there’s around 10” between each wheel and the outside of the bike frame. That means extra stability and easier balance. Which is just what you need to ride with confidence. They’re not cheap, but when you need the best then these are the trainer wheels you should get.

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Learning to cycle for adults

Looking for some tips on cycling for adults when you’re a newbie? Check out this video for a few good pointers on best technique.

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Training wheels for bikes for adults

Thanks for joining me today. I’ve always thought that cycling should be a pastime that is available to everyone, no matter what your age or circumstances. But cycling can be a difficult sport to get into if you don’t feel steady when you’re riding along. So, it’s great to see that manufacturers have started creating training wheels that work for adults as well as kids.

Pick your favorites. Pop them on your bike and pedal away with confidence.

Happy cycling!