Best Electric Bike for Obese Riders in 2022

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Push bike for heavy person?

I bumped into an old school pal of mine the other day and we got chatting.

He told me that after he’d left school, he got pretty chunky. I’m not talking about a couple extra pounds, I mean a LOT of pounds, and he was on a downhill trajectory.

As kids, we were always out on our bikes, cruising the streets with our buddies. Yeah, we were probably up to no good, but at least we were keeping fit and active. Any, anyway, our parents never found out, so that was fine.

But fast forward a few years and things had changed for him. Too much junk food, too many parties, too little exercise, and too much time spent jammed into a cubicle.

The result was that he was morbidly obese. It really got him down and he couldn’t see a way out of it. He wanted to exercise and get fit. He really wanted to cycle! But he didn’t think he’d make it to the end of the block, let alone for any meaningful distance that would start shifting the needle on the scales.

Maybe you can empathize? Maybe you’ve been there?

Here’s the quick answer: X-Treme Malibu Beach Cruiser

Then a friend of his told him about his new electric bike and it got him thinking – if he could find a sturdy bike with a powerful motor, it could be the answer he was looking for.

Eight years later and he’s onto his third ebike and loving it. The technology has got better and better over the years. But what’s stayed the same is the feeling he says he gets when he jumps on the bike and sets off.

He’s now lost 35 pounds and feels fitter and healthier than he has since he was that kid cruising the streets. More importantly, it’s given him a new lease of life. He commutes the 15-mile round trip to work every day on his ebike (whizzing past all the stationary traffic – ha!) On a weekend he heads out with the kids for a longer trip – sometimes he even beats them, but he says he always finishes up with a big smile on his face.

If that sounds good, then why not give it a try yourself?

To make things easier I’ve pulled together a quick guide on things to look out for when choosing an ebike that’s right for you. I’ve also listed my recommendations for some of the best bikes on the market today.

Bikes for morbidly obese

There are a number of things to keep an eye out for when you’re choosing your new ebike:

  1. Sturdy frame
  2. Powerful brakes
  3. Comfort style bike geometry
  4. Accessories

1. Sturdy frame

You’ll want a sturdy frame as this will be able to withstand greater forces. Don’t go for anything that looks too flimsy as this will likely not last.

Bikes that are designed for carrying large amounts of cargo (called, “Cargo Bikes” funnily enough) and mountain bikes will usually be designed with strength in mind.

2. Powerful brakes

The more weight a bike is carrying, the stronger the brakes need to be in order to safely slow you down. Many bikes these days (and all but one on my list) have the new style disc brakes, which are ideal.

3. Comfort style bike geometry

Bike geometry is just a fancy way of talking about the bike frame and whether the riding position is more upright (like a beach cruiser or three-wheeler) or hunched over like a road racing bike. For larger riders carrying extra round their middle section, then the more upright a riding position, the more comfortable the bike will feel.

4. Accessories

Once you’ve chosen your ebike, make sure you get yourself a good pair of cycling shorts. Don’t worry, they don’t have to be tight spandex. What you need is a loose fit pair of shorts, ideally with a drawstring waist. The most important bit about them is the thick layer of padding on the seat to keep you sitting comfortably. A pair like this is ideal.

Very unfit how to start cycling?

I hope that gives you a clearer picture of what to look out for with your new ebike? Let’s dive in and take a look at my recommendations for the best electric bikes for obese riders:

X-Treme Scooters Malibu Elite Step Through Beach Cruiser

Firstly, I’ve got a little apology to make here. I’m a bit of a cheat. There, I said it.

The fact is that I love this bike so much that I added another version of it as my second recommendation! This bike is the Step-through style with a lower cross bar – ideal if you’re not as flexible as you used to be.

It also has a nice comfy upright riding position and look at that seat! An extra comfort sprung seat that looks great and gives plenty of padding.

My wife loves this bike so much that she’s decided I’m buying her the one in Baby Blue. Um, hang on…

X-Treme Malibu Beach Cruiser

Ok, so if I’m buying the previous one for my wife, then she can buy this gorgeous machine for me! Oh, no? So, I have to buy this one too…? Oh…

Whilst we’re working this one out, let me tell you about the Malibu Beach Cruiser.

This has a standard height cross bar and comes in a fantastic red. Apart from that it’s identical to the Step-through Cruiser.

Again, this has the comfy riding position and the sprung seat. What’s useful to note about both bikes is that they have a maximum carrying capacity of 350 lbs. This can be just yourself or a combination of you and the contents of the capacious front basket and rear cargo rack.

FT-1900 Fat tire Electric Tricycle

The FT-1900 has rugged looks that are sure to get you admiring comments as you cruise along.

It has a carrying of capacity of 300 lbs and a really low center of gravity for helping you keep your balance. This bike also has fat tires which are much sturdier than the skinny tires you see on racing cycles and give you more support.

A couple of points to note on this bike. Have a close look at the seat. You’ll probably want to replace the seat for a comfort style one, like this. The seat post is a keeper though as it has suspension to smooth out all the lumps and bumps in the road as you cycle.

Addmotor MOTAN Fat Tire M-560 P7 ebike

Last but definitely not least we have the Addmotor MOTAN M-560 P7. This is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a mountain bike style ebike, rather than a beach cruiser or three-wheeler.

This has a carrying capacity of 300 lbs, so is perfect for you and your cargo on the rear rack.

It also has fat tires which love going off-road and through mud and snow. Finally, the front and rear disc brakes make stopping easy, even if you’re maxing out the carrying capacity.

Final word

It’s never too late to get into cycling and develop a new, healthy lifestyle. Try out one of my recommendations and I challenge you not to end up without a big cheesy grin on your face!

Now, what are you waiting for? Go buy that ebike and get riding!

Happy cycling!