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Perineal numbness from cycling? Read this now

If you’re looking for bicycle seats that relieve perineum chafing and other cycling bladder problems, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s the quick answer: ISM PR 2.0 Saddle Black

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Bruised bum from cycling

Bit of a Freudian slip earlier.

I was telling a friend what this article was about. By mistake I called it:

Best Bike Seat For Pyrenees*

*For those unfamiliar with the Pyrenees, they’re a mountain range in Europe between France and Spain, with Andorra tucked up in the middle as well**

**Geography lesson AND informative biking article all rolled into one – wahey!

I’m telling you this for two reasons:

Firstly, you’re probably going to hear about it anyway. My friend is not exactly renowned for his discretion and this will no doubt be retold to anyone who’ll listen for a long time to come. Everyone laugh at Ben. Ho ho.

Secondly, because it can actually be seen as a fairly accurate representation of the problem we face.


I’m not talking about cycling up the Pyrenees here (although that’s certainly a fantastic challenge). What I mean is that they are mountains that tend to have fairly jagged, knife-edge peaks. If you imagine plonking your tender butt cheeks down on those, it will give a good idea of what it’s like to sit on many modern bike saddles (and a sharp wince of pain, no doubt).

Fear not though. If you suffer from pain in the perineal area then there are some great alternative saddles which can make your rides much more comfy.

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Best bike saddle for numbness

A brief word on anatomy

For those who may have stumbled on this page by accident and may, in fact, think we’re discussing a mountain range…

The perineum is the bit between the anus and the vulva for women and between the anus and scrotum for men. If you imagine sitting on a thin road bike saddle, this is the bit that all your weight is balanced on.

No wonder it can hurt.

I’ve done some research to find the best saddles for avoiding that numb feeling and protecting the perineum. If you’re ready to move on and take a look at the solutions, then we’ll make a start.

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Best bike saddle for perineum:

Okay, let’s take a look at the best bike seats that I’ve found.

Giddy Up! Bike Seat

This is a great saddle for recreational cyclists, especially larger riders.

It has thick cushioning directly underneath your ‘sit bones’ and a generous dip under where your perineum will be. Both these mean that your weight will be transferred through your butt to the saddle, and not via your perineum, making it very comfortable.

Add in the suspension along the back edge and you’ll be sitting very comfortably indeed. Likely to be one of the most comfortable bike seats for overweight riders.

OUTERDO Bike Saddle

This has very similar features to the Giddy Up! and so is again well suited to recreational bike riders.

It has slightly firmer padding, so lighter riders will find that they ‘roll around’ on the seat less than they would if they were on the Giddy Up!

At this price, the Outerdo is an absolute bargain and perfect for lighter cyclists using their bike for casual bike trips.

ISM PR 2.0 Saddle

The ISM PR 2.0 moves us firmly into aggressive road biking territory. True, it’s still got some padding, though not as much as the first two saddles. That means that you’ll be able to attack those hill climbs and eat up the competition.

The saddle is unisex, though the split nose design is really made for gents. Allowing for breathing space underneath the perineum and other important bits. This is truly a pro saddle that looks after your baby-making equipment.

Selle SMP TRK Lady Cycling Saddle

Selle SMP makes top class saddles and this is no exception.

Designed specifically for female riders it is the same length as the equivalent male saddle and flares to a slightly wider rear to accommodate wider hip structure. There is a deep channel along the center to remove any pressure on the perineum and there’s padding along the full length to cushion your ‘sit bones’. The drop nose means that the saddle is perfect for when you need to lean forward to blast up those hills. This is a female-specific saddle, designed for the pros and at a great price.

TOSEEK Carbon Fiber Bike Seat Comfortable Mountain Bike Saddle

The Toseek is a pro racing unisex saddle designed for maximum speed and aggressive riding. It has a sleek sweptback profile and minimal padding, so there’s no chance of rolling around on this.

It also has one of the largest central cutouts of any saddle I’ve seen. Perfect for riders with a, um, well-endowed perineum. This is a superb saddle for pro racers at an aggressive price.

Hobson Saddle Easyseat II Adj Width

Finally, something very different. This is a noseless style saddle, so the wide back section is still there, but the nose has been completely removed. This means that there is nothing at all to put pressure on the perineum, in whatever position you ride in. With plenty of cushioning for your ‘sit bones’, this can be a very comfortable saddle style.

This seat is a great choice if you’ve never been happy with ‘standard’ shaped saddles.

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Final word on perineum chafing

Try one of these saddles and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

There’s nothing worse than the pain and discomfort of an ill-fitting saddle. With a good quality saddle that fits your body, you can ride in comfort all day and know that the only soreness you’ll get at the end will be tired muscles.

Cycle on.