Best Bike For Over 60 Year Old Man

Back in the day, being a guy in your 60s meant struggling through the last few years of a career (whilst being sneered at by the ‘Young Turks’). Before, hopefully, getting a couple of years of retirement (daytime TV, woohoo!). And, possibly, if you were really lucky, reaching the heady heights of the BIG 70, before it was Game Over.

Of course, all of this would be accompanied by a rapidly deteriorating body and mind.

What fun…

Answer: CIVI BIKES Vintage Café Racer

Cycling past 60

These days, hitting Sixty is just the start of the good times.

You might already be retired or possibly coasting along (maybe with part-time hours) towards retirement. And, you’ve generally got more disposable cash, more leisure time and a bigger smile on your face than the Young Turks. No smiles for them with their 100hr-a-week high-powered careers, crippling mortgages, and sapping SUV car payments.

(You can chuckle, but not too loudly, they might hear you in their cubicles)

Health is also much different now in your 60s and beyond.

A couple of decades ago you’d have been surfing the mail-order catalogs for the “Top Manual Wheelchairs for Seniors in 1979”.


Now, you’re looking for the best bike for you to get into cycling on.

That, my friend, is progress.

So, where do we begin?

Well, firstly, there are some aspects of cycling for beginners over 60 that are different to when you were younger. We’ll take a look at those in a moment.

We’ll also look at the types of bikes that are most suitable for you and give you a recommendation for each.

Ok? Then, let’s get started.

Why cycling in your 60s is different

If you’re starting cycling at 60 then some things will be new or different:

Riding Position

If you’re new to cycling then you may not be aware that there are a multitude of different options for the shape of the bike frame and therefore the position that you ride the bike in.

This is important for you because there are bikes, like Tour de France road bikes that you ride in a hunched over incredibly uncomfy position with your knees practically bashing your nose. If you’re not planning on sprinting around France in the fastest time possible, then this may not be the best style for you.

Thankfully there are lots of other styles that give you a more upright or even reclined riding position. These can be great if you suffer from wrist pain or have arthritis in your hands as an upright position puts less weight on your hands.

Comfort is Key

I think it’s fair to say that when you’re younger you’re more willing to forgo comfort in the pursuit of style. Whilst it’s still important to look Bangin’ in your sixties, the days of eight-inch platform heels are probably behind you.

The good news is that there are great options these days for bikes that combine comfort and style.

You can now get saddles in extra-wide, extra padded and sprung and the seat frames themselves can have suspension (like your car) on both the front and back wheel.

Your derriere will thank you.

Easy on the Knees

Unlike running, squash, etc, cycling is a very joint-friendly sport. With smooth, regular movements for your legs, riding a bike has minimal impact on your joints and in particular your knees.

It’s probably not something you considered in your 20s. But this is a great benefit when you’re in your 60s and means that you should be able to continue enjoying your bike for many years to come.

Remember that form is important when you’re pedaling along. If you keep your knees stable it can help give you more power and stop them from aching when you’ve finished your cycle.

If you imagine looking at yourself head-on as you ride, you should ideally have a straight line going from your shin to your thigh. When your knees roll in or push out as you pedal, the kneecap doesn’t glide smoothly. This could cause problems with your knee cartilage, particularly if you’re already dealing with inflammation. Check up with your doctor first if you have any concerns in this area.

Relax and Enjoy the Ride

Remember to give yourself a break and don’t push yourself too hard. Especially if you’re new to cycling. Riding all day, hard and aggressively, is probably fine in your 20s, but in your 60s you’re probably riding more for fun and overall fitness.

Get plenty of rest between rides, protein to help your muscles recover and water to keep yourself hydrated.

Look out!

As a cyclist you need to follow all the normal rules of the road and make sure you keep a look out for drivers and obstacles. Also, if your eyesight has deteriorated, you might want to take some extra precautions. Have a check-up with your optician regularly, and wear glasses or contacts if you need them to enhance your vision.

Cycling in the day is generally safer than at night. Make sure you have front and rear lights. Wear bright clothing and use a helmet.

No need to do the splits

Bikes with high crossbars (the metal post that connects the seat and the handlebars) can look quite daunting if you’re not the supple dancer that you once used to be.

However, there are plenty of other bike styles available that are easier to get onto. Look out for Low-step bikes and Three-wheelers, which are both great if your high-kicking days are behind you.

Enough Gas in your tank?

I’ll let you into a secret. I’ve always wanted to be Superman.

It’s not about wearing my underwear over my trousers (although I sometimes make that mistake as well). It’s mainly about wanting a superpower that other people don’t have.

So, when I found out about electric bikes (ebikes), my mind was blown.

Also known as pedal-assist bikes, these have an electric motor that gives you a boost as you pedal and help you cycle further, faster and for longer. The best bit? Now that the batteries have got smaller, it’s almost impossible to tell that you’re getting some assistance.

From now on, please call me Clark.

Top Recommended Bikes for Over 60-Year-Old Men

Let’s get into each of my bike recommendations in a little more detail, shall we?


Story Hybrid Electric Bike

This hybrid style ebike is perfect for urban adventures if you’re north of 60. The frame shape gives a very comfortable upright riding position that is ideal if you suffer from wrist pain or arthritis. It also has a low step-through design which means you don’t have to swing your leg up near your ear to get on like some bikes.

Now, take a look at the pictures. Can you spot the battery? Nope, that’s because it’s hidden away in the bike frame. So no-one will ever know you’re riding on an electric bike.

It’s even more cunning than Superman’s spectacles…

The best bit of all about this bike is that, for every one sold, they will give another bike free to a person in need in Africa, South America or South East Asia through their partnership with World Bicycle Relief.

CIVI BIKES Vintage Café Racer

Ever wanted to be Steve McQueen? Yeah, me too.

Whilst it’s probably too late to go jumping 12-foot high barbed wire fences, you can still look as cool on the Café Racer from Civi Bikes.

This is an absolutely gorgeous ebike in whichever of the 3 color combinations you go with (for me, it’s Platinum Gray with Red).

The massive 750W motor has all the power you need to take you up any gradient and the fat tires will get you across the sand or over the snow. Probably not practical….but totally awesome.

Addmotor Electric Tricycle

Now, this bike IS practical.

I know what you’re thinking. Tricycles?! Those are for kids! Well, that used to be the case, but not anymore. Now they’re starting to become a very popular choice for adults.

That third wheel gives a lot more stability to the bike, which is great if your balance isn’t what it used to be.

With a huge rear basket it’s great for carrying cargo and it has a whopping 450 Lbs of total carry capacity (for rider and cargo). Which is a real benefit if you’ve picked up a few extra pounds over the years.

ONWAY Electric Cruiser Bike

If you spent your youth at the beach, then you probably got around from place to place on one of these.

The beach cruiser is a classic ride. Swept back handlebars and a relaxed riding position make this a very comfy bike, particularly if you’ve been round the sun a few dozen times.

Like three-wheelers, beach cruisers aren’t just for the kids. And now, with the 500W motor tucked away to power the rear wheel, you can give them a run for their money.

Elby 9-Speed Electric Bike

Last, but not least, we return to the urban travellers dream with the Elby 9-Speed.

Another very practical easy boarding bike, this German ebike is innovative and comfortable.

It has a powerful motor that gives you more miles through its regenerative braking system, which recharges the battery when you head downhill or hit the brakes.

The relaxed riding position and super-comfy gel saddle are also very welcome.

Finally, the Elby will connect to your smartphone. So you can use the navigation system and avoid a wrong turn. Or post pictures on social media of your ‘awful’ Monday morning bike ride in the glorious sunshine. Snigger.


Cycling in your Sixties is all about fun and keeping yourself fit and healthy. With any of these bike recommendations, I’m certain that you’ll have a smile on your face as you cruise along.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go buy that bike and show those kids how much fun it is to be in your 60s!