Baby Clothes With Bikes On Them (Warning! Cuteness Overload!)

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Bicycle baby clothes

Finding just the right item of apparel for a baby can be a tricky thing, can’t it? Whether you’re buying clothing for your own son or daughter, or you’re buying a gift for a friend’s bundle of newborn joy, then you have to make sure that you choose the perfect item.

Quick Answer: Daddy Doesn’t Bike All The Time Bodysuit

And what is the perfect item of clothing for a baby?

Well, there are three main reasons for choosing a particular item of clothing for a baby:

1. It’s practical and will fulfill some boring (but necessary) requirement such as keeping them warm, or stopping them from coating the couch in sloppy poo

2. It will make them look rather amusing (see Exhibit A above) and you’ll be able to take photos of them wearing it, then whip the photos out in a few years’ time when they bring their first boyfriend/girlfriend/Significant Other back home and you can all (apart from your grown-up child, obviously) have a good laugh about it

3. It says something about how awesome the parent or gift-giver is and/or what amazing skills/prowess they have at something

Reason number one can obviously be discounted straight away as being waaay too boring to consider spending your hard-earned cash on. Reason number two certainly has merit, although changes in fashion over the next 15-20 years will probably make anything you buy now fit the bill anyway.

Reason number three? Well, that definitely has potential. Particularly if you or the new parents are big cycling fans. Why? Well, there are so many great options to choose from when it comes to bicycle-themed baby gear, from baby grows to diaper bags, and everything in between.

There’s so much choice that you’re certain to find something awesome that will tick the cycling box, and also probably meet reason number two. And maybe even reason number one, but obviously we’re less concerned about those because it’s best to leave dealing with “Number 1’s” and “Number 2’s” to the parents and their endless supply of diapers.

I’ve done some research and pulled together a list of awesome baby clothes and accessories that have bikes on them. Pick the perfect items for your child (or the lucky cyclist’s child you’re buying for) to give that perfect two-wheeled theme to their outfit.

Let’s dive in and take a look.

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Toddler cycling clothes

Okay, I’ve got a fantastic list of baby cycling outfits and bike accessories for babies to go through, so let’s jump right in.

Daddy Doesn’t Bike All The Time Bodysuit

Let’s kick off with a bodysuit that celebrates how awesome dads are. Everyone knows that they’re a speed demon on two wheels. This romper also tells the world how amazing they are between the sheets as well. (Full Disclosure: I am a cycling dad…)

Soft cotton and a unisex fit to suit girls and boys, this bodysuit comes in four sizes to accommodate babies from newborn to 24 months. It has a practical cut to allow easy access for wriggly arms and a snap-fastening for simple diaper changes.

Future Mountain Biker Infant bodysuit

This might be the perfect item of clothing for babies who you just know will be shredding some gnarly trails before they can even walk.

Very practical with a wide neck opening and three-snap closure for easy diaper changing.

It’s also available in 19 different color combinations, so you’ll be able to find just the right style to match their mom or dad’s MTB.

This is How I Roll T-Shirt & Bodysuit Set

When buying gifts for babies, it’s often nice to get something for the parents as well.

A set like this is a great option as it has a bodysuit for baby and a T-shirt for mom or dad. This gives the parent a great conversation-starter at playgroups or whatever (“yes, this is my baby and, yes, I love cycling”) and at the end of the session means that they’ll be reunited with their child (“yes, thank you for tracking down my baby in the heap of brightly-colored plastic toys and, yes, I love cycling”).

Both bodysuit and T-shirt are available in Heather Gray, have a unisex fit, and come in a range of sizes. You can also get a women’s specific cut T-shirt set if you click through to the Mashed Clothing brand

Eat Sleep Bike Repeat Bodysuit

This stylish item of baby clothing probably outlines the perfect day for a cyclist. Eat for fuel. Sleep for recovery. Bike with big grins on their faces…and repeat.

Babies of cycling parents are very similar. Plenty of milk, an ideal fuel for cycling (fats and carbs for energy, protein for muscle development). Sleep to recover from all that eating (and giggling and grinning at adults). Biking? Well, what do you think they dream about when they’re sleeping for 18+ hours a day?!

This is a very practical suit for babies that comes in 6 great colors, five sizes (from newborn to 24 months), and features a stylish retro-style design.

Biking with Mommy bodysuit

Whilst dads like to think that they’re an important part of an infant’s life. Changing a diaper once a year, clearing up puke if there’s no-one else around, teaching them a range of life skills (AKA bad habits). We all know who the real heroes are.

Moms do all the heavy lifting (literally) in the first nine months and plenty of it after that. They also do way more than their fair share of cooking, cleaning, tidying up toys, and everything else that’s involved in raising a baby. Dads – you KNOW this is true.

So, they need to be celebrated too and, if mom’s a cyclist, then what better way to do it than with a cool baby bodysuit like this one? Cute and practical, this suit comes in five different sizes (from newborn up to 24 months). It’s also available in over ten different colors to match whichever of mommies pre-baby Gucci handbags she’s got with her today (which is now stuffed full of used diapers. Sigh…)

King of the Mountains baby grow

If you’re looking for a Tour de France baby onesie then your search is over.

This is officially-licensed Tour merchandise, featuring the distinctive race logo and eye-catching red polka dot design. Stylish and very practical this babygrow comes in four sizes, to suit young cyclists from 3-18 months.

Can they fail to be King of the Mountain if they start off life by wearing this awesome outfit? I don’t think so.

Fixie Bike Baby Onesie

Whilst it’s important to get the right gear for a baby, sometimes it’s important to do away with gears altogether.

Fixed-gear bikes or fixies are the ultimate in hipster, stylish coolness. When mom or dad is a hipster the last thing they need is for their new bundle of joy to be dressed in a set of bike-themed baby clothes that features something offensive like gears and derailleurs. Shudder…

Thank heavens then for a bodysuit like this. Practical neck opening and snap-closure, four colors, three sizes, soft cotton, but without those hideous gears.

Cycling Dinosaur bodysuit

Draw a Venn diagram which shows overlapping circles for Classic Spielberg films, Extinct Reptiles, and Super-stylish Bike-themed Baby Clothes and, right in the center, you’ll find this delightful bodysuit.

It’s debatable whether T-Rex could actually ride a bike with his stumpy arms and chubby thighs. But what’s more certain is how cool any baby will look in this awesome outfit. It comes in classic black and is available in six sizes, from 3-24 months. So is the perfect fit for any little alien.

Baby cycling cap

In chillier conditions, babies need more than just a stylish bodysuit to keep them cozy.

That’s where a fantastic beanie hat like this one can make the perfect gift.

It’s practical, warm and comes in four great colors to suit the rest of their outfit. Life is indeed good and you should, in fact, ride on.

Bumkins Urban Park 2-pack Starter Bib

Life gets even messier when babies start to move on to solid foods.

Why? Well, more often than not, the food that gets shoveled into their mouths at regular intervals comes straight back out again. Sometimes it feels as if more food dribbles out of their mouths than you actually put in there in the first place.

So, parents tend to get through a whole lot of laundry and are forever washing their baby’s outfits. One way to reduce the workload is with bibs at feeding time. Stylish bibs like this bike park 2-bib set help to catch the food dribbles and are waterproof, easily washable, stain and odor resistant.

A very practical gift set.

Mountain bike-themed Wet Bag

Babies are mess-producing machines, simple as that. Yeah they can look quite cute. Arguably they’re very sweet and adorable. But really what they’re about is making mess.

The mess comes in many forms (puke, poo, pee, general ickiness). The upshot for parents who are out-and-about is that they will tend to have to carry lots of baby clothing that is soaked or smeared in that mess. This is not nice.

The best way to deal with this mess is to put stash it all away in a safe place until you can get home and throw it into the over-worked washing machine. The best place to put it all? Well, that’s in a stylish Wet Bag like this mountain bike-themed one. Suitable for used diapers, wet swimming costumes, and puke-covered bodysuits….

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Tour de France baby clothes

Whether or not you’re buying baby clothing for your son/daughter, or as a gift for someone else’s child, finding just the right item can be a tough challenge.

I think it’s important to choose items that either have embarrassing-photo potential for years to come or say something cool about the parents and/or gift-giver. For a heap of extra bonus points you should even shoot for both.

I’ve done some research for you and come up with a selection of fantastic baby clothes that have bikes on them. Pick the perfect items for your child (or the lucky cyclist’s baby you’re buying for) to give the perfect two-wheeled accent to their outfit.

I hope my article has given you the answers you’re looking for to pick out the perfect bicycle-themed clothes and accessories from this closet of gorgeous items.

Happy shopping!

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