So, I’m Ben. Hi there. Nice to meet you. How’re you doing? Good? Yeah, me too. I’m alive, the sun is shining, it’s Friday afternoon, and I’ve got a couple of home brews waiting for me later. Life is good. Actually, I think that phrase is trademarked. Don’t want to get into trouble. Soooo, let’s go with Life is REALLY good. That should do it.

What can I tell you? I guess you’re here to find out a little more about “The Man Behind The BicycleVolt Brand”…?

Basically, I’m a middle aged-ish bloke,  and I love bikes and all things cycling. I’ve got a garage full of bikes and some of them even work.

But, here’s the thing. I’ve been finding recently that miles have been getting longer and hills have been getting steeper. It’s not just my opinion, there’s actual science behind this.

Hills are getting steeper over time:

Wow! That’s steeper than I remember!

Miles are getting longer over time:

Hey! It never used to feel this far, did it?

These are FACTS.

That’s where ebikes come in. I started looking round for some way of battling this longer/steeper issue and found a wonderful world of electric bikes. Sleek machines that will whizz you along like a speeding bullet, over hills and along mile after mile of countryside. Heaven!

It’s a bit of a confusing area though with stuff that us cyclists have never had to think about before. Volts? Watts? Ampere hours!? So, I thought I’d jot it all down in this blog and hopefully save you from the kind of information overload that I’ve had.

Anyway, I’m rambling on. The sun’s still shining, so I’m going to head out for a quick spin on the bike. Then I’ll be able to justify the home brew later 😉

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