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Ben Jones


Hello, I’m Ben. Welcome to BicycleVolt.

I’m a middle aged-ish bloke,  and I love bikes and all things cycling. I’ve got a garage full of bikes and some of them even work.

But, here’s the thing. I’ve been finding recently that miles have been getting longer and hills have been getting steeper. It’s not just my opinion, there’s actual science behind this.

Actual Scientific Facts

FACT 1: Miles are getting longer over time

FACT 2: Hills are getting steeper over time

Source: Ben made it up

These are FACTS.

That’s where ebikes come in.

I started looking round for some way of battling this longer/steeper issue and found a wonderful world of electric bikes.

Sleek machines that will whizz you along like a speeding bullet, over hills and along mile after mile of countryside. Heaven!

It’s a bit of a confusing area though with stuff that us cyclists have never had to think about before.

Volts? Watts? Ampere hours!?

So, I thought I’d jot it all down in this blog and hopefully save you from the kind of information overload that I’ve had.

I’ve split out the articles on BicycleVolt into the following six categories. To find any of these categories you can either click the Start Here link in the menu bar at the top of every page, which brings you to this page. Or you can find links to each of the categories in the right sidebar.

The six categories on BicycleVolt are:

Cycling Basics – this is where we get you setup with all the basics, including choosing your first bike, starting to push the pedals around, and keeping safe.

Cycling Techniques – we then step it up a gear by teaching you the skills you need for climbing hills, coming down the other side, cornering, braking…and doing all that in different weather conditions.

Bike Maintenance – the more you ride your bike, the more that parts will wear out. Here we give you the knowledge you need to repair and replace bike components (and know when you should leave it to the experts)

Bike Gear Reviews – go into a bike store or an online retailer and you’ll find the range of bikes, cycling clothing and gear completely overwhelming! We make it a little easier by curating the best of the best. Plus, we test and review some of the top gear, allowing you to make informed choices about what’s right for you and you bike.

Bike Destinations – you’ve got the bike and the gear, the knowledge and the skills…but where do you go? We dive deep into choosing great cycling locations and highlight some popular bike spots.

Health + Fitness – Strength training, endurance training, flexibility, nutrition and hydration. Get these right and you’ll have a big cheesy grin on your face when you’re cycling. Here’s how you do them right.

Cycling Safety – Keeping safe on a bike is partly about having the right kit (lights, reflective clothing, waterproofs, and a 1st aid kit, for example). It’s also about how you cycle (being predictable in traffic, say) and where you cycle (think: being respectful of local wildlife in the backcountry)

Anyway, I’m rambling on. The sun’s still shining, so I’m going to head out for a quick spin on the bike. Then I’ll be able to justify the home brew later 😉

Dive in, have a look around and drop me a line on the Contact page if you’d like to talk about anything to do with ebikes.

Cheers, Ben