700x38c Inner Tube Presta (Quick Answer)

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Tracking down the correct inner tube for your bike can oftentimes feel like you’re searching for an incredibly small pointy thing in a massive pile of dry grass-like stuff.

As I write this I can feel the pain and frustration that you’re experiencing.

“Why won’t Ben get to the darn point and just tell me what his recommended Presta inner tube is for a 700x38c bike tire?!” I can hear you scream as you glare at the screen in annoyance hoping that, by sheer force of will, you can make me just give you a link to the inner tube and be done with it.

Okay, okay, I will, I will. But, before I do that, I’ll just….

LOL. Only kidding. Here it is:

Continental Presta Valve Bicycle Tube Pack of 2

This is an excellent inner tube from Continental tires – a company who first started making rubber products in the 19th Century! Because of that long heritage, it’s fair to say that they know a thing or three about manufacturing great quality inner tubes.

This is a set that contains not one but two tubes. That’s useful because, whenever I go out for a bike ride, I always take two tubes with me. One as a replacement to get me home if I have a puncture and one in case I manage to mess up and damage the first inner when I’m trying to fit it. Believe me, I’ve managed to do this more than once…

The set also comes with a handy puncture repair kit. That’s a great add-on and means that you can get any burst tubes repaired, either on-the-road if you’ve run out of spares, or back at the ranch when you get home. The repair kit contains 6 patches, rubber cement, and a square of sandpaper for prepping the repair site.

The tube is sized for tires of between 700x32c up to 700x47c. Your 38c tires are comfortably in the center ‘Goldilocks area’ of this. That’s great because it means the rubber won’t be stretched too thin (with a higher chance of bursting) and won’t be underinflated either (with excess weight from the extra rubber). Just don’t try eating your bowl of porridge when you’re cycling. I’ve tried it and it didn’t end well.

A Presta valve finishes the inner tube off beautifully and is kept snugly in place on the wheel rim with a locking nut.

Tube valve types

A quick aside whilst we’re on the subject of tube valves.

As we know there are two main types: Schrader (the type you normally get on cars) and Presta.

Bike pumps are generally designed for one type or the other. If your pump does both, that’s a massive bonus.

If your pump is only for Schrader valves, then you can get a small adaptor which allows you to convert it for use with Presta valves as well. Here’s a link to one that’s perfect. They’re really easy to use: just screw them on by hand, fit the bike pump, and pump the tube up. Very handy to keep in your saddlebag.

Inner tube fitting – a refresher course

If it’s been a while and you’re feeling a little rusty and unsure what the steps are, then take a look at this YouTube video. It’s a very easy process and you’ll be done and ready to ride in 45 minutes or so.

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